VIP - lounge for Brazilian the most expensive carnival of Venice
  If someone has already removed the Christmas masks and costumes, only in vain tried. These wonderful things will come in handy again soon - on the other Parallels. Starts…

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The Mystery of illusions
  1. Holiday "Las Payas" (Valencia, Spain) Fire festival is held from 14 to 19 March and attracts thousands of tourists. Every day, at exactly 14 hours begins the so-called…

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The Best summer tours


A day trip on a comfortable bus includes: guide, lunch, walk through the ancient city, visiting churches and temples in the city, free time and access to the beach of Sunny beach resort. The estimated cost of the tour – 17 EUR.

2. Cape Kaliakra

A day trip on a comfortable bus includes: guide, lunch, visit to the cave – Museum, walk on the ruins. In conclusion – visit holiday club “mermaid”. Especially it is recommended to take masks for snorkeling. The estimated cost of the tour – 16EUR.

A day trip on a comfortable bus includes: guide, lunch, beach access, water slides and attractions, entrance fees to the Botanical garden, sightseeing of the city Palace “Quiet nest” of the Queen Mary in Oriental style, the art gallery and the Ethnographic Museum. The estimated cost of the tour – 15EUR.

This show, the show of dolphins. Walk in Marine Park with a visit to the Zoo and Terrarium. The estimated cost of the tour – 13EUR.

5. Ostrich ranch

Includes a visit to the first and only ranch in Bulgaria for African ostriches. Children in close proximity to get acquainted with these amazing animals. The ranch is a souvenir shop. after the ranch visit the natural phenomenon – the fabulous “Stone forest”. In the Stone forest will be arranged a picnic. The estimated cost of the tour – 10EUR.

6. Aladzha Monastery

This is one of the few preserved and accessible rock monasteries in Bulgaria. From the top floor of the monastery offers a magnificent panorama on the sea coast. The tour includes a visit to the Museum, a visit to the monastery and walk in the woods to the catacombs. Possible a 1.5 hour hike through the woods with a picnic – 4EUR or bus-9EUR.

Tour on a comfortable bus for the whole day. Visits to historical and archaeological reserve “Madara”. Inspection “Madara fortress” and “Madara horseman” is a relief image of a rider with his spear lancing of a lion. Lunch and visit to the largest mosque in Bulgaria – “Tombul mosque” and the Museum of horse breeding and breeding buffaloes. The estimated cost of the tour – 19EUR.

Unforgettable adventures in the city located on two continents. Soak up the atmosphere of the West and the East. Topkapi Palace, Galuna Mosque, Obelisk of Theodosius, Hippodrome, St. Sophia, covered Bazaar and much more await You and your children. For the smallest – include the attendance of Turkish Disneyland – “Tatilya”. Two and three day tours are conducted in comfortable buses with all the amenities. The estimated cost of the tour – 40EUR, 55EUR or 80EUR.

9. Sea battle

For those who want to feel as old pirate flint and try salt and “gunpowder” sea battle. The battle of pirate ships on the high seas. The estimated cost of the tour – 15EUR.

Deep sea fishing with lunch on Board with fresh fish. The estimated cost of the tour – 15-25EUR. Possible excursion to Balchik on the boat and fishing.

11. Walk on the yacht

It is a small romantic trip on a comfortable boat along the coast resorts of Golden Sands, Riviera or Albena (price additionally).

Travel all day with lunch outdoors in the national Park “Golden Sands”. The wildlife of the Northern coast of the Black sea. The opportunity to see wild animals. The estimated cost of the tour for adults -25EUR for children-15EUR, depending on the selected menu.

Jumping with Asparuhov bridge. The bridge height is 50m. After jumping a certificate is issued. Price clarifies.