The Scenario of opening a children's art festival
  Leading the Whole room in excitement died away: for he is our feast awaits! And the long-awaited festival to us with joy! Applause we will be guests on stage…

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VIP - lounge for Brazilian the most expensive carnival of Venice
  If someone has already removed the Christmas masks and costumes, only in vain tried. These wonderful things will come in handy again soon - on the other Parallels. Starts…

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Summer festivals

Each time, their advantages, but the summer – the most vivid and exciting time, and summer festivals – much more than all the days in a year. It was at this time in France take the Bastille, in Tokyo celebrating the day of the sunflowers in California go round horses in Belgium are built of sand in Pamplona bulls fire, in Kyrgyzstan, sing songs, and at the London launch balls. And it all happens in our photo review 10 great summer of festivals and celebrations.

Summer sunflower festival in Tokyo

Sunflower – one of the summer colors, and therefore it is logical that in Japan commend him on floral summer festival. Spend it in the suburbs of the Japanese capital for three days in late July. This year, blooming sunflowers came to admire 200 thousand people!

Festival of Mitama and lanterns

In East Asia experts not only in colors but also in lanterns – you can confirm this at least for the Taiwan lantern festival. But the celebration takes place in the spring, and the festival of Mitama in Japan – summer, and lanterns on it no less. Even more – after all, they symbolize the souls of the dead ancestors, and the ancestors in Japan is very revered. The festival – one of the most quiet, and at the same time beautiful and solemn.

The bulls festival

Summer festival of Saint Fermin in the Spanish city of Pamplona is famous worldwide mainly due to the running of the bulls. Encierro – a massive race of citizens on the streets locked in a race with the enraged bulls: believe me, this is a very risky venture. On photo festival participant carries a flaming sculpture of a bull.

Festival of Kyrgyz culture

New traditions are being born all the time, but old and thus should not be forgotten. Old people-carriers of the Kyrgyz folklore, the scholars of the songs and rites, going next to the lake son-Kul (3200 meters above sea level) 400 kilometers from the Kyrgyz capital and sing. Maybe the young folk epic and the lyrics are not interested, but UNESCO considers folklore Treasury of human culture.

Summer festival of the chariots

Sonorous word “Juggernaut” or “Jagganatha” in Sanskrit means “master of the Universe”. It’s a title of Krishna himself. In his honor, and arrange the Chariot festival of Ratha Yatra, known throughout the Vaishnava world. It is celebrated everywhere, but this photo is of the chariots made in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, July 2.

Last Chance

While the Spanish running of the bulls, Americans ride horses. “Last Chance” – this is the romantic name Rodeo in Helena, Montana. This match is not as dramatic as the game of death in prison Angola, but also requires desperate bravery. It shall be held at the end of July.

Theatre festival

The Austrian city of Bregenz – a place where in the 20 days of July have gathered a lot of fans and professionals of the Opera. The festival is famous for its breathtaking scene, floating in lake Constance. On pictures British Director Keith Warner rehearsing the Opera “Andre Chenier”.

Sand arts

In the world there are plenty of festivals of sand sculpture, where artists must show imagination and skill very quickly – until the grains from falling apart. One of these festivals was held on 22 July in Belgium, in the town of Blankenberge. Food for the imagination of the author of this crumbly masterpiece was the attraction “pirates of the Caribbean” at Disneyland Paris.

The Bastille fell

Speaking of Paris: the most important holiday of the year for the French, takes place in summer, not in winter as we do. It’s Bastille day. In red (literally) calendar day passes, a series of balls and festivals, and the Eiffel tower lights up with the most spectacular fireworks display in Paris – and this, as you know, no joke.

Balloons over London

The summer sky is so beautiful, even better to decorate it can only balloons. Flight seven balloons over London in honor of the International theatre festival – a worthy end of our review, summer festivals-2011. Until the end of summer was only a month – live it bright, and then we come autumn holidays!