Argentine Carnival
  To understand the full sweep of Argentina holidays, it's worth noting that Argentina in their area is in second place after Brazil compared to other countries in South America.…

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The Scenario of opening a children's art festival
  Leading the Whole room in excitement died away: for he is our feast awaits! And the long-awaited festival to us with joy! Applause we will be guests on stage…

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Famous culinary festivals in the world

If you are adventurous, you have the desire to try new foods and dishes from them — suggest you go on a journey you will have a gastronomic calendar. In the world every day in a country hosts a variety of culinary festivals and holidays, and about the most interesting and important of them we will tell you a little bit.

Hardly anyone of us will refuse to participate in Tomato in Spain or Orange battle in Italy. With passion pocketables tomatoes or oranges, you are a year in advance will receive a charge of vivacity and energy. Let’s start our journey… Recommended in early February to make a trip to Japan. Here you will find a spectacular sight in bean-throwing Day. Very has a long history of this holiday: beans fends away. Since those early days, when the winter comes spring, it is customary to roast on the fire beans and then scatter them around the house. And to be next year happy and healthy, you need to eat exactly as many pieces as you years.

In Iceland in mid-February, a festival of Entertainment and Food. Many people know that the Icelandic cuisine is so diverse because of the harsh climate and scarce flora and fauna. But it is most famous for the fact that all the dishes of this cuisine are prepared only with organic products. Chefs of Iceland at the festival serves only locally sourced ingredients. And the guest chefs who until that time had never cooked dishes made from Icelandic ingredients, display their art on the last day of the festival.

Be sure to visit France in early spring. Here in Menton, is an interesting Lemon carnival. This beautiful holiday citrus accompanied by colorful performances, music, dancing and fireworks. You will enjoy the visit to the fair of folk art, the exhibition of citrus, where you can enjoy homemade jam from oranges and lemons. This carnival citrus is the second by its size and popularity and has been held since 1930.

A feast of Roasted pigs in the month of June takes place in the Philippines. This is a spectacular, ceremonial and a rather unusual event is held annually. The festival is attended by locals who are on the streets of the city with piglets on hand. The pigs are dressed with imagination and love in elegant suits, beautifully decorated with flowers and fruit. Only to them it is absolutely indifferent — fried pigs! Therefore, the main festive and beautiful dish in the Philippines is a whole roasted on a spit pig.

In the middle of summer in the USA is Great Tasting Cheese. This festival experts will find gorgeous and stunning. In the show involved more than a thousand different types of cheese and those. who more than once visited this festival, it is recommended before starting three days not to eat because some varieties of cheese are very high in calories.

Those who have decided to travel to India, I advise you to visit the Mango Festival. Traditionally it is held during the maturation of these amazing fruits and at this time the whole of India is immersed in vibrant colours, aromas and sounds. Everyone is welcome to try a lot of different kinds of aromatic and juicy mango

In late autumn on the Big island of Hawaii annually hosts the Festival of Coffee. He is considered one of the oldest culinary holidays in this region. The festival program consists of around 50 events: concerts and competitions, pageant, Golf tournament, exhibition and sale and tasting the best brews, making coffee, etc.

In March on the island of Anguilla (Eastern Caribbean sea) Festival of the Sea. Thanks to generous nautical gifts this festival is a culinary event on the island. The festival is attended by fresh seafood and, of course, fishermen. On this island there is no industry and no agriculture, so the festival brings a good profit.