All concerts were sold out, probably because the participants of the festival were great musicians. The tone of the festival asked the first concert held in the great day…

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Argentine Carnival


To understand the full sweep of Argentina holidays, it’s worth noting that Argentina in their area is in second place after Brazil compared to other countries in South America.

Interestingly, while in the Northern part of the world coldest winter in Argentina hot summer is in full swing. It was in the month of January passes lush delightful carnival, comparable in scale and bling only Brazilian. Traditionally the main venue of the carnival is an Argentine city Gualeguaychu. This carnival festival is the longest in the world. Two months in the country are bright noisy ceremonial processions.

The Argentine carnival there is no specific name, he is simply called “Carnival of the country”.

Luxury elegant processions are held regularly every Saturday for two months, starting the first Saturday of January and ending the first Saturday of March. The culminating day of carnival is considered the third Saturday January. The entire carnival is the festive season in Argentina is called “sometimes love and carnivals”.

On the territory of Argentina in January attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy the fabulous festive spectacle, and a good rest. Of course, unforgettably colorful statement of smiling dancers with a wonderful and strong almost completely naked bodies, decorated with rhinestones, feathers and other plenty of ways to personalise colorful decorations – a sight not to be overcome boundaries and to come here during the festive period. To participate in the carnival dancers come from all over the country.

The streets of Argentina fully crowded and the dancers, performing passionately emotional dances of South America. Fiery rhythms and drums are heard from all sides. And the unforgettable atmosphere of holiday shows create a multi-colored feathers, sparkling sequins dancers, and a huge carved figures that wheel on the squares and streets to the large wheel mechanisms. The attractiveness of the Argentine carnival consists in the fact that ceremonial processions are held in all cities of the country, therefore, all travelers who wish to enjoy this colorful miracle, certainly enough space.

Interesting to learn that each year is determined by the theme of the Carnival, in which all the speakers are trying to prepare their submissions and outfits. The performance of the participants, it is often a dance competition, the jury evaluates. The parade of speakers are held on very long tracks, called “spaceport”. These designs are slowly moving forward and are interspersed with each other, creating a delicious vines, as if revived hundreds of tentacles, on which the dancers perform. These tracks can accommodate a huge number of participants of the carnival.

Tourist, caught at the festival, has the ability not only to be a spectator of this unique celebration, but also to be an independent participant widespread unrestrained dances, such as Mambo, Samba, cha-cha-cha, salsa, Rumba, and other areas.

Almost every dance in Latin America has a huge number of schools. Alone official dance schools salsa participating in the Carnival of Argentina, has about 50. Latin dance is able to give a wonderful mood, awaken hidden desires, cause the heart to beat faster and plunge into the atmosphere of harmony with your body, feelings and emotions of the partner. Typically, these dances are performed in pairs. If there is no pair, no less exciting will be given to the mass of the fun along with everyone.

If the tourist intrigued, his soul is not indifferent to dancing and festive entertainment, it is definitely worth a visit in Argentina the period of Carnival, in January-March.