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The Nibelungen Festival in worms

Festival of the Nibelungs (Die Nibelungen-Festspiele – “Di Nibelungen Festspiele”) opened in in worms (Worms) is one of the most important centers of intellectual, cultural and political events in Europe.

From the beginning the festival was a great success, and for several years was the most popular outdoor festival. On the steps in front of an impressive Vormskyy the Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom – “Kaiserdom”) gathers the most famous actors of theatre, film and television and show the diversity that carries the legacy of the Nibelungs.

All German media at the time of the festival only write about the impressive performances of this event. Every year it gathers more than 230 000 viewers watching live performances, and millions of TV viewers watching the performances on home screens or screens of the city.

The origins of the festival — the song of the Nibelungs

Many medieval traditions of the report of the Nibelungs (Nibelungen). The Nibelungs were the guardians of treasures. Their glorified all over the world work “the Song of Nibelungen” (Nibelungenlied – “Nibelungenlied”). It tells the story of how the treasure of the Nibelungs from the king and his sons moved to the hero Siegfried, when he, possessing supernatural powers, kills the dragon Fafnir. As a reward for bravery, the king Reingold gives him the hand of brünnhilde – the last of the daughters of the old gods. But he rejects her because he loves another. After the death of Siegfried’s treasure falls into the hands of the Royal house of the Burgundians. This is a trilogy, which is archetypal conflicts: love, deceit, betrayal and murder. “Nibelungenlied” is one of the most powerful and violent stories in world literature. It’s an old myth about the deadly dispute women, power and gold.

In addition to the famous epic of the Nibelungs in worms at the festival highlights and other historical themes.

Visit worms and the festival is quite simple

Worms is one of the most beautiful centers summer theatre festivals. Spectacular performances on the stage at the Cathedral put on a lovely background of a huge temple. Romantic Heliopark (Heylshofpark) around the Cathedral, with its charming atmosphere is referred to by the press as one of the most beautiful halls open air. This Park has everything you need: restaurants, where you can eat dinner and discuss a cultural event, as well as hotels and recreational facilities.

In order to participate in the festival should book a ticket at a special hotline or Fax, you can also book the ticket online. You can pay at the box office in cash or by check, or through the network “Internet”. To redeem the reservation is required no later than one week before the festival. When ordering tickets via the Internet will need to pay for it (about 4 euros in a simple letter, about 7 Euro registered letter and 9 euros when sending abroad).

Given the high attendance of the event can be argued that the Nibelungen festival not only makes a high contribution to the art of the city, but also strengthens the local economy (buying tickets, restaurants, shops, hotels).

Features of the festival

Given that the Nibelungen festival is held outdoors and is not interrupted even in questionable weather and rain, visitors are advised to bring warm and waterproof clothing. The use of umbrellas is not permitted, as they block your view. Compensation for a refund due to unfavorable weather conditions will not be paid.

This year a new festival Director appointed producer, theatre Director Nico Hofmann (Nico Hofmann). The festival will be held from July 31 to August 16.

The Nibelungen festival in worms in recent years, brings positive changes in the national society. Regarding it as a part of German culture, the festival has helped to revive local customs to strengthen the relationship of citizens with their city and civic pride. The Nibelungenlied is a real treasure, a heritage that is perceived not only in worms. Many actors, including from the provinces, have contributed to the success of the event and made sure that the festival represents the cultural heritage of the inhabitants of worms.