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Children’s Day


International children’s day is celebrated every year on 1 June, which was established in November 1949 in Paris by the decision of the Congress of the International democratic Federation of women, was first celebrated in 1950.

The protection of children as relevant today as ever. According to the UN Children’s Fund, every tenth child on the planet regularly becomes a victim of aggression by adults, and often their own parents. In Russia, the child population is more than 35 million people.

International children’s day . falling on the first day of summer, is one of the most exciting holidays for Russian children, which in our country, according to the latest census, there are more than 26 million. Across the country on this day, held charity events to help orphans and disabled children, children caught up in difficult situations.

We call on you today

To love children and to protect,

Let their world don’t break!

And will often hug.

After all, childhood is the best in the world

It’s time, worthy of love!

When healthy, our children,

Then they are happy we are!

Today, unfortunately, the rights of children is quite often violated. Children have rights no less than adults, but there are many circumstances that involve a violation of children’s rights. The sad statistics says that tens of millions of children die for lack of medical care and lack of medicines. More than 100 million children are not able to obtain the necessary education. A huge number of children are starving, have no home, they are used as free labor, sold into slavery.

Of course, these facts should encourage to help children. Adults should start to solve their problems and improve the lives of children all over the world right now. They say, children are our future, and happy children – happy future.

In today’s world, a huge number of abandoned orphans. Children cannot make demands for their rights. Millions of children don’t know what it is to be happy, to live in a family with loving parents, going to school or kindergarten.

Childhood is the most happy and carefree time for many people, which I remember with warm feelings. But not everyone can boast of joyful memories of his childhood. Adults should make every effort to ensure that today’s children are growing up, could with warmth and joy to remember your happy and joyful childhood.


Children around the world face different challenges. A big problem in prosperous Europe and America is considered the negative impact of the Internet and television. In Asia and in Africa and Asia, children are dying of hunger, AIDS, lack of doctors and medicines, they are threatened by military conflicts, they are doomed to illiteracy.

In our country, about 35 million children, however, to call the demographic situation of our country is not satisfactory.

Unfortunately, in Russia the number of healthy children is very small – not more than 12%. Mainly diseases of children are directly linked to very poor environmental conditions in our country that only gets worse with unhealthy and unbalanced diet, stress, which adversely affect the child’s nervous system. One reason is the unfortunate situation that has developed in our health.

Recently, a growing number of children who suffer from various mental disorders, significantly more frequent cases of suicide, aggression and vandalism.

In Russia children very early start to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and drugs. It’s no secret that the number of drug addicts among children is growing constantly, and drank alcohol almost 50% of adolescents.

The problem of abandoned children in Russia is keenly than ever before. Orphanages are overflowing with abandoned children and children whose parents were deprived of parental rights because of anti-social lifestyle – drinking, drug abuse, etc.

Special attention should be given to children that fall out of sight of the authorities and of society – children who are in crisis situations, street children, migrant children, and many others. Very acute in Russia is the problem of children with disabilities and their families.

International children’s day is a call for adults about the need to respect children’s rights to life, education, freedom of opinion and religion, leisure and recreation, protection from violence, protection from exploitation of child labour.

Worldwide there are charity events aimed at improving the lives of children. They help raise needed funds to lonely children around the world, helping them to gain even a small part of what they’re missing at birth or during the years of his short life. Every child in the world has a legitimate right to a happy childhood, and it applies to absolutely all children.

Children need our help, we completely trust and I hope to help and care. Let’s try not to disappoint the children, and help them become happy and loved.

A day in June, the first day,

Out of sight banish laziness,

Together say boredom, “no”,

Hand out to friends candies;

Will jump and hop,

In all sorts of games to play,

To smile and make jokes

And kinder to each other to be.