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The brightest holidays of the world
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Festivals and holidays in Taiwan

As in mainland China, in Taiwan, there are a huge number of various festive events. Especially popular traditional and public holidays – Chinese New year (first day of the first new moon of the year), lantern Festival (the first in the new year the full moon), when across the country millions of lanterns, which, according to legend, was escorted into another world souls of ancestors, descended on the earth to their loved ones to celebrate the New year. The holiday of “Two dozen” (Republic Day) is the anniversary of the Wuchang uprising, and many others. These days almost all buildings, city squares and streets are decorated in traditional style, across the country there are numerous fireworks and parades, music, dance and other lavish ceremony. Almost all traditional festivals are held according to the lunar calendar, so the date varies from year to year.

No less interesting and other events – Festival of the bells wind Kendin (January), Ice World (January-February), the Taiwan lantern Festival in Taichung, Kaohsiung and Taipei (February), the Festival sky lanterns, Pingsi (February), the Festival of the dragon in Miaoli (February), the Festival of the God of wealth (end of February) and the international book fair in Taipei (February). In March held a Festival song-Jing in Kaohsiung, birthday Meaning (the goddess of mercy, the 19th day of the second lunar month, March-April), national University Festival, Taiwanese international Orchid Show (March-April) and the international festival of masks in Miaoli (March-may). In April interesting Taiwanese Tea exhibition, Taichung international travel fair and the international Festival Dacia-matsu, white Lily Festival and the Festival of flowers Hakka-Tun (April-may). In may – the Festival of woodcarving Sanya, the birthday of the sea goddess Mazu (23rd day of the third moon of the month, may-June) and Cultural Festival blue fine-yuna in Pintura (may-June).

In summer do not miss the Chinese food Festival in Taipei (June-August), the colourful dragon Boat Festival (June), Sailing regatta in Taipei County (June), international festival of children’s folklore in Yilan (July), Valentine’s Day (11 August) and the Festival of ghosts Chan-yuan (August). At the same time she held numerous street puppet show. Performances of the theatre of shadows are usually to attract the harvest, and the performances of the puppets have a mythological basis.

In September, the Festival of ghosts Keelung and famous the national the Moon Festival or Mid-autumn Festival. In October – international festival of stone sculpture Hualien and the pottery Festival Ying. On 12 November, the whole country is celebrating the birthday of sun Yat-sen in November is the stage of the world championship in Windsurfing in Penghu and tourism Festival in Kobe. In December the Festival of Austronesian cultures.

Be sure to spend a night at the Opera. Although Taiwanese Opera and has its origin from the Chinese folk ballads Changzhou, she also borrowed a part of his repertoire of local folk songs, connecting South Fujian lyrics with the music of the aborigines. The performances will be held to the accompaniment of a three-stringed Chinese banjo, upright lute, vertical flute and percussion.

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