Beautiful holidays of the world
  Section on how to make the New year a warm family holiday one to remember Section is devoted to the family traditions of Christmas and Christmastide History, customs, traditions…

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The Most unusual of the world holidays Holiday, holiday!
  We all know such holidays as new year, the eighth of March and all those that are for us, traditionally, were holidays. We're also well-known international April fool's day,…

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VIP – lounge for Brazilian the most expensive carnival of Venice


If someone has already removed the Christmas masks and costumes, only in vain tried. These wonderful things will come in handy again soon – on the other Parallels. Starts fun carnival time when the whole civilized world says goodbye to winter and welcomes spring.

The most impatient, presumably, live in Croatia. The city of Rijeka, organized the first Parade of ringers in January – and the fun will be for another month. February 18, planned Children’s carnival, and the largest parade will be held on February 26. I included by UNESCO in Spivak world cultural heritage of Dubrovnik is its carnival, plus adds a fun note February 3, the Day of St. Blaise, patron Saint of the city. And all of the southern Dalmatian coast walks – you can join for about 750 euros per week, and visa here to the Russians, which is very nice, not needed.

The French also qualitatively love to have fun before lent. From ancient times on the European carnivals chosen king amusing – “the most stupid fool”. These monarchical tradition is very strong in nice, where the whole carnival is called the “King of the movies” – Cannes’re next, “King clone”, or even “King of Europe”. Another tempting offer – the lemon Festival in the city of Menton. This is also on the Cote d’azur, where the warm climate allows you to citrus fruit three times a year. And plus Mandel-La-Napoule – here is a Festival of Mimosa. Carnival the cost of a single room in the South of France – about 100 euros per day, 400 per ticket.

On a Sunny Canary Islands are also a few carnivals. One of the most interesting aspects of the costume contest on February 18, and, of course, his own coronation will be the carnival Queen will be chosen on February 22. Week in a four star hotel in Tenerife would cost 830 Euro.

The most famous European carnivals in Italy. They say that they are the same as bell towers. Even carnival has a special “White weeks” – a lot of rest in the mountains of discounts and benefits, such as students, pupils and pensioners. But the main address to Venice. The fun is from 11 to 28 February, the program clearly painted. On 21 February, for example, is named, as “the Heart of the carnival”, and wish to explore the greatest lover of all times are recorded on the “Lunch with Casanova”. And the current selected theme of the carnival China. You can buy a sightseeing tour to different cities to call for a couple of days in Venice and compare the atmosphere is 735 euros per week, if you fly Charter in Rimini. Or about 400 euros more expensive, if at once to Venice, where the hotel is not cheap, and Yes, even a little. Hurry – especially as the Italians love to pull with visa.

And, of course, Brazil. Here the time – last week of February and first of March. The entire Rio de Janeiro turns into a giant “Samba-Drome”. To assess the skill of different dance schools best from the VIP boxes, the ticket price which comes to $ 1,000. The price of the tour may be different – firms combine Rio with the coast or the Iguazu falls. Therefore, 2500 units per 15 days.

Not to fly for a long time, you can see the carnival, very similar to Brazilian, Portugal. Still related country and one language. A week-long trip to the Algarve, the most southern and especially cheerful province, will cost 900 euros.

* Italy, Venice – 1190

* The Canary Islands, Tenerife – 830

* Croatia, Dalmatia – 750

* Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – 2500

* Portugal, Algarve – 900