Beautiful holidays of the world
  Section on how to make the New year a warm family holiday one to remember Section is devoted to the family traditions of Christmas and Christmastide History, customs, traditions…

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Program of the new year's festivities in downtown St. Petersburg
This year for St. Petersburgers and guests of the city has prepared the most interesting holiday program – concerts, festivals, riding a roller coaster and the music festival of light…

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The Most beautiful airports in the world


Popular foreign service PrivateFly conducted a survey among pilots, travelers and aviation professionals, with the purpose to find out which airport the world’s most beautiful? In this case it was considered that the design and architecture of the terminal buildings, and the appearance on the runway and surrounding terrain during takeoff and landing. And today we bring you the results of this survey and a list of 8 of the most beautiful airports in the world.

Malé, Maldives

To go to the Maldives is the dream of many Russians, fortunately book tour there you can even from Irkutsk, visiting, for example. Attract tourists in this country, gorgeous beaches and warm waters of the Indian ocean, and a nice addition to a holiday in Paradise can become a landing on one of the most scenic airports in the world, located in the capital of malé.

Innsbruck Airport, Austria

Innsbruck airport is located 5 km from the centre of the capital of the Austrian Tyrol. Situated in a mountain valley makes landing here not only stunning beauty, but also extremely difficult technically. It is the largest airport in Western Austria, which takes each year almost 1 million passengers.

Airport Warraber Island, Australia

One of the most amazing airports in the world is located in Australia on one of the Islands of Warraber in the Torres Strait, which separates the Green continent from New Guinea. The runway extends from one to the other shore of the island, around which are many beautiful coral reefs, looking from the bird’s eye view is just amazing.

The Courchevel Airport, France

The Courchevel airport is located in the spectacular height of the 2008 m above sea level.He is one of the most dangerous in the world – has a complex approach and a significant difference in height between the beginning and the end of the runway. As a result, the nearby ski slopes it seems that the band has a wavy shape.

The airport of nice, Cote d’azur, France

Not less beautiful is also another French airport – Nice Cote d’azur.International airport on the Mediterranean sea is the third in France in terms of passenger traffic – there are over 11 million a year. It is located 7 km from nice city centre and consists of two runways and two terminals, between which are Shuttle buses.

Hong Kong international airport, China

Hong Kong international airport was founded in 1998 on two Islands that are joined by a special platform. It has two runways, each of which has a length of 3800 m. the Airport also boasts one of the largest terminals in the world, which adopts 56 million passengers a year!

In the ranking could not be a place the airport of Gibraltar, located about 500 metres from the centre of the rocky Peninsula. This is the only airport serving overseas territories of the UK. Its distinguishing feature is that the runway is also the Avenue Winston Churchill, the road leading to the border with Spain. Of course, during takeoff and landing of aircraft, traffic will be suspended.

LaGuardia airport, new York, USA

Unique experiences may also be landing at LaGuardia airport, located in Queens, new York area. It is not as big as the airports are John F. Kennedy and Newark liberty international airport, but has one distinct advantage – it is located almost in the center of the city, and during landing you can admire a unique panorama of Manhattan.