The Most beautiful holidays of the world
  Carnival in Rio is one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. This is a crazy cocktail of colours, costumes, music, dancers. In fact, the Carnival in Rio…

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Original ideas for wedding
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Festivals and celebrations of the world


Each country has a rich history, holidays and traditions. If you are planning a trip to another state, want to immerse yourself in a new culture and get a feel of its atmosphere – choose the time for festivals! Visit on the holidays of the peoples of the world, and you will get an unforgettable experience.

In all countries consistently report some important developments ranging from small home gatherings in the family circle, to massive festivals on a national scale. Here is a list of the most exciting holidays of the world.

One of the largest festivals in the world takes place in sultry Argentina in early January and is called “the Carnival of the country”. By the beginning of the holiday you can take your time, because it lasts for two months: from the first Saturday of January to the first Saturday of March. From year to year it is conducted in Gualeguaychú. There are a lot of tourists from all over the world to see the parade of beautiful dancers in bright costumes and become part of this holiday, filled with smiles and fiery South American dances.

If you haven’t been to Japan, time your trip for the spring festival Kanamara, which means “iron penis”. A celebration of fertility and childbearing was born fifteen hundred years ago. He walks near Tokyo, in the town of Kawasaki, in one of the small temples built on the donations of prostitutes. Earlier the representative of the oldest profession come here to the Shrine to ask for success in work and protection from disease. The festivities last for a week. The main theme of the festival are three giant phallus that men carry to Church on a stretcher. Also everywhere selling Souvenirs and candy canes in the shape of a penis.

In the Italian town of Siena second of July and August sixteenth grandiose race. This custom originated in the fourteenth century. But they are not at the track, and on the Central square of the Camp. The main feature of the competition is that it was a race with no rules, and the main actors are considered horses. Riders struggling to hold on to Bareback, but many are not. The winner is the horse, which first came to the finish, even without a rider. Such a sight turns audience, however, without accident no cost. The participants of the races are 17 districts of the city. Everyone has their own emblem and color.

In the last week of August in Spain is one of the most unusual festivals in the world – La Tomatina. The tradition began in 1945 year. Since then, in the town of buñol every year attracts thousands of tourists to participate in the “battle of the tomatoes”. The action lasts only one hour, and during this time, the battlefield turned into a river of tomato, and the houses in the neighborhood were flecked with red spots. Trucks in advance to bring several tons of tomatoes. The carnage begins at the moment when one of the participants can climb a slippery five-meter pole and break the leg of pork. But there is one rule: before you throw a tomato, it has to be crushed, so as not to injure anyone.

to combine a beach holiday with the holiday, I advise you to go to India on the festival of lights Diwali. The event is devoted to the triumph of light over darkness, and in every region of India it is celebrated differently. The festival lasts for five days. The streets are decorated with colourful lanterns, fireworks. The whole of India celebrates the goddess of wealth and fertility – Lakshmi. According to legend, on the eve of the house should be cleaned, to kindle the lights and leave her an offering – milk Cup with coins. Doors and Windows are left open so that the goddess could enter a home. In the South, praised the victory of Krishna over Narakasura. In honor of this event the Hindus wash away the sins of the coconut oil.

If you want to have fun in a hot country – go to Mexico. On Christmas eve in the town of Oaxaca celebrates “the night of the radishes”. On the main square arrange the exhibition of figures made of radishes. This vegetable is specially grown for the holiday, so that you can see a half-meter giant radish bizarre.

If you have the opportunity to visit at least a few festivals in the world, be sure to grab your tickets and go on a holiday!