Environmental festival (Scenario)
Sounds of bells ringing Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong – hear the forest, hears the Vale or sigh, or moan. What is it about? Who is he? – this old bell. Not with…

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Self-knowledge - Festival - Japanese autumn, the lady of the camellias
  Japanese ballet with the Russian soloists. "the lady of the camellias" New national Theatre Tokyo, which has existed since 1997, as an 11-year-old child, with joy and enthusiasm of…

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Carnival of Venice


Already on the rise to the station, whence there are boats, boats, boats in Venice. see people in colorful costumes new years eve. Captures the spirit because you will be witnesses to a posh operation, about which much has been told and retold….

Venice is a true Paradise for romantics and lovers. In the days of the carnival here, as never before, many couples, however, as ordinary tourists. They, like the locals, dressed in masks and festive costumes. Each comes up with an image Mask.

The mask is not just an accessory to preserve anonymity. So the whole concept is called costume from shoes, socks (tights) and ending with a Grand hats, masks with lots of feathers.

When going around a lot of people in very different and unique attire is a spectacular sight. Here and knights, and Egyptian pharaohs, and courtesans, and kings, and pirates. Popular to dress the whole family in costumes with a single idea: mother, father and child, a dog in a pram – all in the same color, the style, just different sizes. Looks like fun. Chic carnival costumes to buy or hire for a few small amount, about 200-400 euros.

During the carnival season in many parts of the city are the street theatre festivals, concerts, fireworks, and balls. Everyone can participate in a private party. They are held in well-known restaurants, hotels with dinner and dancing. But everywhere required dress — code – carnival costume.

The main attractive force of the carnival is the ability to Express your self. Wearing carnival costume, everyone passes around their mood, their vision of an ideal image. It is worth remembering the words of Oscar Wilde: “Man is least is himself, speaking of his own person. Let him wear a mask, and you will hear from him the truth.”

Each mask carries a secret meaning. Someone from famous people want to feel free among the crowd. Someone is trying to find adventure of love, and maybe not one as Casanova. The girl stand in the way of seductive and frivolous courtesan. Young guys will pokersource in front of her in costume graphs. An elderly couple, wearing Royal attire, would feel themselves the rulers of the world. It is a huge pleasure to be in his way. All the fuss and haste of city life flies away somewhere. Everyone who can, should visit this intriguing world of your dreams.

In addition to the carnival in Venice you can visit its most famous attractions is the Cathedral of San Marco and the Grand Ducal Palace, in the basement of which Casanova was imprisoned. When you visit the Doge’s Palace, it is felt that the floor under your feet as if dancing. The city is not in place, he is in perpetual motion on the water.

Around Piazza San Marco, a lot of expensive options. In General visitors and tourists should be aware of large pictures of Venice.

To settle in Venice and seeing it on the big map. The historic centre is divided into blocks. Venice extends beyond their districts, to the Islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. To enjoy and to soak up the carnival atmosphere in this city need to walk and where not to go, you can drive on the water by boat, water taxi or the famous gondola.

Interesting to ride on a gondola along the Grand canal is the main “street” of Venice. Because the facades of the palaces can be seen only from the water. Many of them from moisture do look rather clumsily. The fact that all the monuments protected by the state, and for reconstruction it is necessary to take a large number of resolutions.

The city has many hotels, a casino. They look inconspicuous, but inside a real luxury: velvet, gold, stunning chandeliers.

In General, Venice is not like any city in the world, it is in reality even more fabulous than it looks on the postcards and pictures on the Internet. The city resembles a stage set, fully preserved the mystical atmosphere of past eras – here the canals instead of streets, boats and gondolas instead of cars, and people in historical costumes as if descended from the paintings.