Original snacks for the festive table
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Self-knowledge - Festival - Japanese autumn, the lady of the camellias
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TOP 5 most vivid Christmas traditions of the world


1. England

A few hours before the New year, the city is beginning to call “home” bell. And at first, doing it quietly, as if telling that the Holiday is on the way (before midnight bell wrapped in a special blanket, which restrains the power).

At midnight the bell undress, and he begins to welcome the New year! The lovers in these minutes should be sure to kiss, not to leave in the coming year. Also kissing all those who were under a bough of mistletoe, which is a symbol of love and longevity.

On new year’s gala dinner English Housewives definitely homemade Turkey with chestnuts and fried potatoes with sauce, braised Brussels sprouts with meat pies and, of course, a traditional English pudding, fruit and sweets.

2. Cuba

In the New year’s eve Cuban children write letters, which focuses on the most secret desires. New year’s eve to bring gifts and realize childhood dreams three kings-wizard: Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchor. This Trinity is considered Cheerful spirit of the New year, as well as happiness and prosperity.

More traditionally, new year’s eve Cubans necessarily fill with water all the dishes, and at midnight start to pour it from the Windows. So all the inhabitants of the island of Freedom I wish the New year bright and pure as water, the way.

Also in Cuba, the popular Spanish tradition: until the clock strikes 12 strokes, you must eat 12 grapes to welcome, harmony, prosperity and peace accompanied you all 12 months in the coming year.

3. Italy

Italians believe that the New year won’t be bringing stuff from the past. So on new year’s eve decided to throw from the Windows of the old stuff. And along with the old jeans, alarms and pans from the Windows of the Italian houses fly and more massive objects – wardrobes, flat screen TV, cabinets, etc.

It is believed that instead of discarded things soon there will be new, better and more expensive.

Gifts in the new year’s eve gives a freak Babb Natal (Italian Santa Claus). Therefore, it is eagerly awaited and treats. On the festive table the Italians have to be grapes, nuts and lentils are the symbols of happiness, longevity and health.

For Italians it is very important morning of 1 January, and the first comer in the New year. If it be a small child or a priest is a bad sign, but meet the cute grandpa is good, especially if it will be a humpback. Then the new year will be successful and happy!

Also this morning, January 1, in the home need to bring “new water” from the source. Italian legend says that “new water” brings happiness. And if you have nothing to give to friends, give “new water” olive branch”. And it will be the best gift.

4. Spain

The Spaniards symbol of the New year is a Magic log. Him wear the national costume, stuffed with gifts and sweets. And new year’s eve beating with sticks. It is believed that due to the efforts and the efforts of everyone will be able to “knock out” a New year of happiness and luck, as well as a gift.

5. Switzerland

In Switzerland, for example, a few days before the holiday it is customary to mold the biscuits in the form of Christmas cookies. Figure shortbread is a symbol of the New year and is called Graebner, or Mr. New year.

Each family member must choose a your Hitimana, decorate it with syrup and powdered sugar, to make him deepest wish and hang on the Christmas tree.

New year’s eve need to find a man in a tree and eat. Then the wish will come true.