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The Scenario of opening a children’s art festival


Leading the Whole room in excitement died away: for he is our feast awaits!

And the long-awaited festival to us with joy!

Applause we will be guests on stage to invite,

And we will provide the right “Tverskaya asterisk to start!

Representatives of the district administration congratulate children and adults with the holiday and announces the opening of the festival “Tverskaya Star”

Sounds waltz on stage and there is a Girl – Star.

Star Only a moment ago I was born

And over the Earth swept!

She is beautiful! And it

I see a lot of lights…

This probably stars.

No, from them there is a special light.

Moderator so, not stars, people

His eyes Shine a special light.

The star And what they want?

Why come here?

Leading Want to see how the star is born!

And not one! A lot of them!

And here is the “star road”!

Your sister was there for a year.

And here! Autumn and Winter, Spring and Summer

Already in a hurry to “star” dance!

Executed dance track “seasons” in which participating adults ( seasons ) and children (flowers, leaves, butterflies, snowflakes, icicles, birds), the pupils of the kindergarten № 38,№48.

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring go to the stage and each, praises himself.

Summer I loved the warm summer.

Flowers and grasses brightly dressed

To me a lot of sun, fun, fire! 2.

And everything on earth will adore me!

Autumn Look, for me the best outfit!

And gold leaves in the crown of the burn.

I Shine will surprise you, friends,

And all in admiration! After the Autumn I am!

Winter Snowstorms and blizzards, and cold with me

Patterns my unearthly beauty!

The snow and ice world I decorate!

All Winter, this I assure you.

Spring Spring all will captivate you with its beauty

And affection, and tenderness, and kindness!

I bird trills all Wake

And the earth I am the first grass dress!

Leading argue That you should not only time wasting,

You are all so wonderful and we know it!

Star Of stars-sisters you tell me!

Leading in a fantastic world of magic take!

Pupils MDOU№134 perform a dance composition

“Where there are wizards” /Muses. M. Minkova, et seq. Yuri Entin/

The scene appears the Summer.

The summer I first come into its own

And summer begin expanse.

You will appreciate a little bit now

Perky, cute, nice Kapitoshka!

The pupils of school # 33 performing dance composition

“Kapitoshka” /Muses. V. Ososhnik, CL. N. The ososhnik/

Summer Ah! As the beautiful summer evenings:

Thoughtful, quiet and so beautiful!

In the radiance of the moon straight on till morning

Easy all in the whirl happy dance!

Pupils of kindergarten # 1 dance composition 3.

“Evening fantasy” / “Firefly” Music. E. Zaritskaya, CL.M.Plackowska /

Summer Ah, butterflies, wait! Wait!

Where are you now in a hurry?

After all, only see you in the summer!

Well, dance for us!

Pupils of kindergarten # 135 perform the dance “Heavenly beauties”

/ “Butterflies” Music. Varlamov, et seq.Feta/

Summer Life would be without summer flowers…

A bouquet from my daisies ready!

They are so airy! They are so wonderful!

Their yellow eyes – just lovely!

Pupils of kindergarten # 3 perform the dance “White Daisy”

/ The muses. V. Alexeev, et seq.And. Balakirevo /

Enters the Autumn, going to Summer turns to her:

Fall out of Your game

Now it was my time! Summer goes

All will take in the autumn woods –

He is full of fairy tales and miracles!

The pupils of the kindergarten№38 perform the dance song “There on unknown paths. / Granny – ezhka” Music. and CL.T Morozova/

Autumn In the forest my mushrooms do not collect:

And white, and red will find!

But fairest red fly agaric!

Right now I fly agaric collection.

Children of kindergarten No. 157 perform the dance “Amanita” /Muses.and CL. K. Costin/

Autumn appears with maple branches

Autumn gold Patterns I would knit

Red earth paint,

Fill in wonderful admiration

And the warmth of your eyes!

Pupils MDOU№63 perform a dance composition 4.

“Fall patterns” / “river”, a Russian folk melody/

Autumn brings to the stage a samovar

Autumn I, as a hostess,

In autumn evening offering,

To try from a samovar

Winter From the hassle of the winter resting,

I my story probably starts.

About forest animals will tell

Now one story.

Pupils MDOU№48 dance song

“Forest history” /Muses. P. Ermolaev /

To keep in order

Need the ability!

The pupils of the school # 8 performing dance composition 5.

“Christmas fantasy” /Muses. “Fiddler on the roof” music.l.Beckman, et seq.P.Kudasheva/

The scene appears Spring is coming up to Winter, tells her:

And the females will dance.

Pupils of kindergarten # 7 perform the dance “Chamomile cat”

/ The muses. A. Pinegin, CL. E. Lipatova /

Spring and I feel young and beautiful. 6.

My time of year.

When Affairs from spring rest,

In colored peas I play.

Pupils of kindergarten # 135 perform vocal dance composition

“Funny game” / “Peas” Music. Varlamov CL.

Spring will Make the sun brighter I Shine,

And run streams with spring threshold,

And loud, loud birds sing:

“Spring has come! Spring road!”

Pupils MDOU№62 perform the dance “Spring has come!”

“Spring is red” Music. and the words of T. Morozova/

Come in Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring