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Delicious summer salads for the holiday table recipes

In the summer, we especially want to keep your figure in perfect form. But it is quite difficult if you do not do physical exercise. We offer you a light and tasty summer salads recipes which will come in handy on a festive table, and for every day.

In the heat we often visit the idea that “hungry”. But after a few hours, our body still wants to eat. Offer You in the summer to pay a little more attention to the salads. They have a low caloric content, and a variety of ingredients will help you cook the most interesting and delicious culinary masterpieces on weekdays and on the holiday table.

Recipe 1. Salad «Orange ships”

If your guests with a good sense of taste, this salad they will appreciate. Preparation time is not more than 40-47 minutes.

For cooking you will need the following products:

– 4-5 ripe oranges, it is better not large;

– 200 g canned sweet corn;

– 150-170 grams of hard cheese;

– 300 grams of pickled mushrooms or mushrooms;

– 2 colored, sweet bell pepper;

– 150 grams of nuts (your choice: walnuts, cashews, ground);

For the filling you can use low-fat mayonnaise+ sour cream.

– various herbs for decoration.

Orange rinse well with boiled water, carefully cut into 2 equal halves, remove pulp with a sharp knife, remove seeds, and cut into medium-sized cubes.

Further, all to do with pepper, but you can slice it in strips. Cheese preferably also manually cut in small pieces, or grate on a coarse grater. Canned corn, using a sieve to separate juice from.

In summer salad you can use any mushrooms, even own cooking. Take them out of the brine, finely grind. Nuts can be a little pre-fry, chop. We could use them for decoration only, so do not put stuffing them.

All powdered products mix thoroughly, season with a small amount of filling. Wooden spoon filled our ships stuffing, sprinkle top with nuts.

The final stage is the most crucial. On a wooden toothpick pinned different leaves of green. They will serve as sails. Neatly in the center of the craft stick our sails. A delicious salad is ready to serve at the holiday table.

Recipe 2. Summer salad “Mushroom glade”

Exquisite and hearty salad will delight you and invited guests. And summer ingredients will help you with this.

The list of ingredients for salad:

-150-200 grams of smoked cheese;

– 300 grams of mushrooms;

200 grams cherry tomatoes;

-20-25 olive;

-3 young garlic cloves;

– 1 grapefruit;

– 2-3 boiled potatoes.

For this salad you need to prepare a shallow metal bowl. Salad will put layers, each pre-obsesiva mayonnaise and primena spoon.

Mushrooms wash well, try to use small mushrooms, or just hats. On low heat, slightly fry them Golden brown. This will be our first layer. Place the mushrooms so that the bottom of the pot they were completely closed.

RUB cheese on a grater, add the finely chopped garlic. Next, the chopped tomatoes, olives rings. With grapefruit, you will have to work a little, and to separate the flesh from the white membranes, which can create the effect of bitterness, chop into small slices.

And the last layer – boiled potatoes on a fine grater. Salad for a few hours put it in the fridge. Before serving festive table, prepare a flat round plate, carefully turn over our salad, and as a child, in the sandbox, received “our Passover”.

Salad can be decorated with sprigs of parsley, dill, celery, mint. If you wish to add to your salad a little savory notes, use as a dressing one layer of Russian mustard, alternative can serve the juice and zest of lime.