Unusual festival of LOI Krathong in Thailand
  Surely, you have heard that in the land of smiles during the year notes any unusual holidays. This Thai New year – Songkran Day and pineapple, and Makha Bucha,…

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Delicious summer salads for the holiday table recipes
In the summer, we especially want to keep your figure in perfect form. But it is quite difficult if you do not do physical exercise. We offer you a light…

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Carnivals in southern Europe

Fiery performances and orange battle, impressive festive costumes and mesmerizing events. February in southern Europe – month colorful carnivals, extending from Italy to the Canary Islands.

Italy. Orange battle“

Every year in February in the Italian city of Ivrea, located in the Piedmont region, is the traditional carnival. The main highlight of the carnival is held not far from Turin, is the orange battle. During the festival, local youth, dressed in knight costumes, oncidiums hundreds of tons of oranges. This tradition appeared in the XIX century. Fruit battle symbolizes the rebellion against the lords of the tyrants who ruled the Italian cities in the middle ages. Orange battle this year will be the opportunity to observe 14-16 February. Every year grows the number of those who wish to participate.

France: the carnival of flowers and music

French festival of colors is celebrated even 14 days (February 12-28 ). This year’s theme, King of the Blue Planet, dedicated to the protection of the environment. At the festival you can see hundreds of thousands of gladioli, carnations and Mimosa. This French carnival is very modern, not devoid of humor, funny masks, performances of various artists and clowns, concerts. The main entertainment is to buy colored sticky macaroni and fight with other members. A few weeks continuing the carnival ends with a huge fireworks display.

Spain: Street party

The Andalusian city of Cadiz comes alive in February. Here dancing flamenco and Samba, according to the rhythm of African music, through the town centre roll holiday autos. During carnival, sing and celebrate so that sound all the streets. Day program includes many choral performances throughout the city. And in the evening the whole town goes to watch the parade. At the parade you can see the huge balloons animals, thematic platforms, symbolizing cartoon characters or fairy tales. While restaurants and cafés invite you to try a traditional dish of sea urchins.

Canary Islands: a riot of dance and music

You don’t have to fly to the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro festival in Tenerife is equally impressive! A few months before, prepare costumes and festive machine, and traditionally, the festival starts in mid-February, in Santa Cruz. The main event is a huge spectacle of dance and music, and a parade Askew. To it and begin to prepare for Christmas. Men dress in women and must perform a variety of tasks. As well as the election of the Queen of carnival. Officially, the festival ends with a solemn procession on ash Wednesday, but in fact, the Spaniards celebrated a few days. This carnival consists of about a million people.

Portugal: a celebration of joy in Madeira

Carnival in Madeira is one of the most beautiful in the world: February 13, a huge procession moves from one region to another. The festival is attended by at least about 1500 people dressed in colorful costumes. In the rhythm of Samba they are flying through the crowd. During the carnival all ate the traditional dish of Malasada, which is made from eggs and cream pastries.

Greece: the Carnival in Patras

Festival in Patras begins in late January and continues until February 22, very beautiful closing ceremony. One of the festival days is Tsiknopempti – Thursday odor of roast meat, during which the Greeks eat on the grill with grilled meat. The main celebration of carnival in Greece takes place in the city of Patras, which offers a huge parade with huge sculptures and crowds of people. This festival is the largest event in Greece and one of the largest events in Europe. Prepare for it throughout the year.

Malta: Dance competitions

The carnival is the capital of Malta is Valletta. It is a colorful parade with costumes and beautifully decorated cars. From morning to evening there are dance competitions for children and adults, music and all the fun street party. The main day of the festival this year will be on February 21, during which it is planned to dance until dawn.