Festival GG Jazz II. The fall in the rhythm of JAZZ
  International jazz festival GG ( Garanian Gatov ) Jazz — 2012, held in December last year, has become a landmark event for all fans of quality music of the…

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June 21-22 - summer solstice
  June 21-22 is the pinnacle of the year, marks the turning of the Sun in winter and is called the feast of Kupala. This rotation of the Sun, which…

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June 21-22 – summer solstice


June 21-22 is the pinnacle of the year, marks the turning of the Sun in winter and is called the feast of Kupala. This rotation of the Sun, which divides the year into two halves, anciently accompanied by a special festival.

The history of Kupala, rooted in the depth of millennia. The Union of fire, water, earth, and sky — the so-called summer solstice.The main mystery of Midsummer celebrations begin the night of 21 to 22 June. Afternoon assemble and weave wreaths, and at night make offerings to fire and water, earth and sky, dance around the campfire and sing songs. Jumping over the fire and dancing on coals is a fiery cleansing. The water in this period is filled with the miraculous power to heal, protect, attract, bring health, beauty and peace.

Astronomically July 2, the Earth passes perihelion. Perihelion — the farthest point from the Sun Earth’s orbit. At noon height of the Sun above the horizon for most. The sun for a short time becomes in a special position, symbolizing unity with God. In three days — from 5 to 7 July — all the waters of the Earth are charged with special, magical powers. The sun like the face of God sends his divine grace through the element of Water. A person can receive spiritual revelation given directly by God.

The tradition of celebrating the summer solstice

According to the ancient view on the night of Kupala Perun was performed at the battle with the demon-g_the_scot, stopping the chariot of the Sun on the celestial height, has opened a hidden treasure in the rocks and cloud tempered the agonizing heat of the rainy downpours. Weapons of Perun was the oak, which he reeked of evil, turning it up by the roots. Oak — in reading “roots up” sounds — Bud(s)! The image of the oak tree as the ancestral tree, the tree of life bears the concept of spirit and strength of the body, calling for physical perfection and the continuation of the species.

Therefore, one of the oldest ways of Valdosta (magic) in the summer solstice were the actions around the oak, in oak groves, with acorns and oak bark. For example, water for bathing children, add decoction of oak leaves and twigs — for the strength of the body, for protection. Acorns are the most ancient amulets: pour them in the bag and hang it near the bed of the child. Not by chance there is a custom to bless one love unions arising in the period of the summer solstice, as conceived at this time, the children are considered as under the special protection of a Sort.

This holiday is devoted to the care of the physical body, the purity and the integrity of the energy shell of a body. So gather herbs, make charms against the evil forces, shoot damage, evil eye, in other words — align the energy cocoon. The astral body of the person that controls the emotions and the psyche, in this period is, on the one hand, very vulnerable and pliable, on the other hand — ready to accept new, the disclosure of the finest spiritual qualities, the recruitment of new forces and qualitative transformation.

A week after Trinity (June) apostles ‘ fast begins, which ends on July 12. For the proper conduct of the apostles ‘ fast is recommended not only to comply with the restrictions in food, and focus on the spiritual side of fasting — their thoughts to tend to God, confession and communion.

As you can see, in both pagan and the Christian tradition in the periods of the Earth perihelion and solstice call for spiritual and physical cleansing, to the yearning of the soul to the light and to God.