Carnival of Venice
  Already on the rise to the station, whence there are boats, boats, boats in Venice. see people in colorful costumes new years eve. Captures the spirit because you will…

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Environmental festival (Scenario)
Sounds of bells ringing Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong – hear the forest, hears the Vale or sigh, or moan. What is it about? Who is he? – this old bell. Not with…

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The strangest festivals in the world


People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try not to limit yourself to just their culture.

However, a series of events and competitions, typical of those or other Nations, is truly amazing and unusual, which will be discussed in this issue.

It is worth considering that many competitions so unusual that resemble more festivities, because the victories are not as important, participants are much more fun to relax and just talk.

1). Las Payas

2). World mountain oysters

In the city near the Texas festival is held, which actually has nothing to do with oysters. The fact that the “oysters” on cowboy slang referred to as bull testicles. The winner must prepare them in the best way, while the judges evaluated the appearance of the food, its taste, the fragrance and how it is filed. These criteria and indicative of the detection of the lucky ones.

3). Bega cheese rolling

Bega cheese rolling is conducted in the English town of Coopers hill. This picturesque place is located close to Gloucester and every last Monday of may races are held, with the participation of cheese rolling. The competition rules provide for the start of the round head of the dairy product with the mountains behind it start to run participants. The winner is the first one to catch up with the fleeing cheese and grab him. This festival is common the presence of abrasions and bruises, so the presence of doctors at the foot of the hill, no one is surprised.

4). Summer solstice

5). A celebration of people-birds

A celebration of people-birds. It is noted in the UK, in the town of Bognor. It is celebrated in July and has a rich history, in addition, many countries have followed our example and are now similar competitions exist around the world. During the competition, participants run on a wide platform that is installed over the sea, and jump. The task of “people-birds” is to overcome the greatest possible distance with the help of self-made wings or designs for flight.

6). Demonstration naked buttocks

7). The world championship drag lovers

In the Finnish city of Sonkajarvi it’s been more than 14 such annual competitions.

8). Tomatina

9). The world Cup of diving into the swamp