The Best summer tours
  A day trip on a comfortable bus includes: guide, lunch, walk through the ancient city, visiting churches and temples in the city, free time and access to the beach…

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The Nibelungen Festival in worms
Festival of the Nibelungs (Die Nibelungen-Festspiele – "Di Nibelungen Festspiele") opened in in worms (Worms) is one of the most important centers of intellectual, cultural and political events in Europe.…

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Holiday Scenario Goes the summer on the planet.

Objective: to Create a joyful, emotional mood and contribute to the development of the desire to engage in physical exercise, music and dancing.


Develop agility, speed of movements, the ability to navigate in space;

To continue work on the education of cultural and hygienic skills;

To consolidate the ability of children to answer questions in a concise and common forms;

To develop the emotional sphere of the child, his musical ear;

Form of performance skills in singing, movement;

To educate children in the basic skills of a healthy lifestyle;

To develop creative abilities;

To raise interest in the movements and a healthy lifestyle, organization; autonomy, the ability to maintain friendly relationships with their peers.

Equipment: colored ribbons, jewelry, hats, flowers, artificial flowers, 2 pairs of fur gloves, cones, 2 baskets, beanie cock, parasol, 7 colored gymnastic ribbons.


Adults: Summer, Carlson, Veterinarian, Aunt Nepogoda.

Children gather on the Playground in kindergarten.

Sound of the word with musical accompaniment.

If in the sky thunderstorms go, if Linden bloomed,

If the early morning dew bend the blade to the ground.

If in a grove on snowball until the night of the rumble bee.

So it’s already summer, so spring was over.

Part of the summer.


There is a summer on the planet radiates heat like a furnace,

And hurry rays of the sun, the Earth – mother to warm,

Brews a sweet jam in summer puddles as in boilers,

Dry hay meadow in the strong Koppen and stacks.

There is a summer on the planet, offers his gifts,

And rings hot air from Bumble bees and midges!

Hello guys! The kids are polite. You recognized me?

I – summers are scorching hot. Today the first of June and I am very pleased to meet you, my dear friends! Guys, who knows a poem about me?

Overlook middle school children.

The 1st child. Hello, summer! Hello, summer!

The bright sun warmed.

In forest green we go

The 2nd child. Hello, field and grove,

Hello, the sky is clear

Hello, river and forest

Hello, summer red!

The 3rd child. Have fun this summer, ringing voice,

And children’s songs fly to the heavens.

Sunbeams play on the wall

Entice them with a finger, let them run to me.

The song “sunshine” performed by children of the senior group.

Summer. Guys, first of June we celebrate another important holiday. It’s called “children’s Day”.

Out of the senior group.

The 1st child. First day of summer color

Together we gathered, friends,

A celebration of childhood, songs, light,

Holiday of peace and good!

The 2nd child. Children’s day is a special holiday that

Quieter, guns, silence please!

We want the kids didn’t know

Terrible terrible horrors of war.

The 3rd child. Only in a world still troubled,

Somewhere kids in Cribs don’t sleep

And deprived of food and shelter,

In the menacing sky, wailing scream.

The 4th child. We want, that they were mom and dad,

So the sun would be enough for everyone!

We are peaceful, kind heaven,

We at childhood without adult problems!

5th child. We find the feast of the summer,

The holiday sun, holiday light.

Sun, sun, hotter grey,

Will the holiday fun!

Dance with ribbons performed by children, the second youngest of the group. Music choice music Director.

The music rushes Carlson with a glass jar in his hands. He is holding his stomach and moaning.

Carlson. Oops! I feel so bad! Looks around. Where do I come from?

Summer. Hello, Carlson! You came to the kindergarten on holiday “children’s Day”. I’m summer, and this my friends guys. What happened to you? Maybe you need help?

Carlson. My stomach hurts.

Summer. Stomach? What did you have?

Carlson. I ate a jar of jam. Shows on the Bank.

Summer. A big jar of jam? It is very harmful!

Carlson. But it is very tasty!

Summer. Guys, Carlson ate a big jar of jam, what to do now? How to help him? Who should we call?

Children. Doctor!

Summer. Correctly. I’ll go call the doctor, that he came to us in kindergarten. And you don’t feel lonely Carlson, our guys will bring you to the dance.

Polka – performed by the children of the senior group. Music choice music Director.

The music is a doctor Aibolit.

Aibolit. Hello! I am very glad to see you! What happened? Where is the patient?

Summer. Dear Dr. Aibolit, Carlson ate a whole jar of jam, and now he has a stomach ache.

The doctor puts his hand to his forehead, listening.

Aibolit. Ah, Carlson, don’t you know that a lot of jam can not eat? Well, nothing we can fix that. Gives vitamin Carlson. Carlson stands up from his chair, stroking his stomach.

Carlson. Thank you, Dr. Feelgood, the tummy doesn’t hurt anymore.

Aibolit. To children. I ask you to answer: all of them are healthy or not?

Children. Yes!

Aibolit. Now, check this out: I ask you all to stand and command to execute.

Together raise your hands! ( Raise hands ).

Excellent, lower! ( Lower ).

Lean! ( Lean ). Unfold! ( Straightened ).

Stand up straight, smile!

Yes, by inspection, I am satisfied, From the guys no one is sick.

Everyone is healthy and happy, to dance and sing ready.

Summer. Thank you, doctor veterinarian for help.

Summer. I brought for you guys, summer fun puzzles.

The time box to open and riddles to appear!

1. Wandering lonely fiery eye.