Merry holidays: Summer festivals in Ukraine
  This summer, the Ukrainians are facing a pretty intense program of music festivals. I chose a few, in my opinion, the most interesting of them, among which every fan…

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  What holidays do not invented by mankind during the period of its existence. There are professional, religious, national, and there is unusual. Here are some of them will be…

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Congratulations on 8 March

The lovely ladies . is coming, and possibly it is Your most wonderful holiday of March 8, international Women’s day . This is the best day in March, is devoted exclusively to you dear women, without a trace!

Men . enjoy this day with your loved ones, give them the most magical holiday, give nice heart gifts, presented flowers to congratulate with all my heart! Below are the poems for March 8 . they are all dedicated to this wonderful holiday. Do not forget also about the service cards through which you can send a postcard with your greetings.

International Women’s day is,

It’s called so – 8 March.

Glad I got such an honor

Wish you love, excitement!

To conquer her beauty

All men given to you by nature.

Whether in spring, a mystery and a dream!

And in the family to be quiet weather…

With International Women’s day I

From the heart and soul congratulations!

To live in love… will Say it openly:

I can’t imagine another.

To be Basque swallow flutter,

In the heavens soar, remembering,

So the 8th of March to celebrate –

Need to believe – you’re darling!

Let me wish You with a magic smile:

Always be responsive, sensitive.

Let the work be only a pleasant burden,

Came specialday of spring,

The day becomes brighter,

When will suddenly become more kindness

Let the sea of joy and happiness

You will not leave ever

No more rainy days,

And let love always accompanies.

Today is a great day! Really?

A special celebration of spring!

Today Day 8 Martha –

So let the beautiful you will be!

Spring! So much of this word:

Kindness, flowers and warmth.

Let nature prosipaysya

You flowers bloom!

Let this day – March 8 –

Leaving sorrow and dreams will come!

Congratulate you with the holiday of spring,

With the opening of the river and the reflection of the sun,

Days shall be calm and clear.

And the sun will knock You into the theater.

Let there be a rapture of the soul

We You today sincere congratulations

With International Women’s day,

Its a beautiful poem You are committed,

Article masterpieces in Newspapers put

And love songs we sing.

The world is full of spring flowers,

Take that day of spring!

The world is full of the rustle of the winds

Grab this spring day!

World with thin Nightingale’s song.

World with a cheerful voice stream.

Peace March with the song drops

Take that day of spring!

From all the hearts You wish

Let Your life will be happy and bright,

Let the beautiful roses will be strewn

Your long career to the end.

Good luck, warmth, kindness

Maturity and fulfilled dreams

Wish of love, wish stars

We wish good luck and happy dreams.

The eighth of March, spring day,

Under the rays began to melt the snow,

Today, laughter and joy

We want to congratulate their colleagues.

Not only this day, friends, colleagues,

And we love you each year.

You, like the four wheels of the cart,

Work impart the desired course.

You are charming, beautiful,

Where are you – it gently and comfort,

You – as the basis of the team,

And you are always our men waiting.

I drink to you, for the best of women,

To have heart blooming spring

So you live happily in the future

For it together all the way to the bottom!

greetings from a visitor Old cat :

That day, which the men

Throughout the country waiting to see how sausage

Snacks better, sweeter beer —

International day for the wives of spring.

The day came when we all the dishes,

You can safely wash,

When that’s easy to say “I won’t”,

About the drink comrade and not appear to be henpecked.

When to congratulate all of us women need

And definitely verses them has been written!

When they are kissing madly and hopelessly,

And love cherished to tell them everything!

When spring flowers – a whole armful of hay,

When love is insane – to remember!

Happy spring to you! Let life be for you, as a scene,

Where can that want to play safely,

So everything in life that need managed,

But if it’s hard, let your knight,

You will help to,

Your help is most needed compliment.

With the eighth you March, on the holiday magic!

Let it be the sun in the sky and happiness in the eyes!

And let crazy love for you will spill a summer shower,

And we wear you will forever be on his hands

Congratulate beloved mother and grandmother

Girlfriend and sister,

All, even the young and young –

Let not they stand on the sidelines.

From birth, always changeable,

As if constantly on order,

After all, even the little woman

You can guess certainly immediately.

Women life home heavy:

Clean, wash, work,

Then sew something totally new,

The old and dilapidated zastapi.

But it’s already finished,

And the woman again goddess

It is sturdy and durable support

For his beloved.

Today women with a nice holiday

Men are wonderful, congratulations

We wish you a fun to celebrate

And happiness everlasting wish!

Why spring always comes in March?

Streams run, sound stronger heart?

Why clothing has become a hot

And icicle watered the porch?

Very simple — women’s happy smile

Warm all around its warmth.

As the Eighth of March without any errors

Was International women’s day.

The sun will touch you gently

Bright faces, happy women’s eyes.

And will give the best hope

That all comes to pass you.

Know that even small children:

Have a wonderful day in the world

Red – spring calendar,

I’ll give it entirely!