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The Best beer festivals in Germany


If you missed the world’s largest beer festival – German-Oktoberfest – this does not mean that you have missed a drop-down once a year chance to join the Germans during the large-scale celebration of their national drink – beer. This country abounds in festivals and folk festivals that take place all year round, both in large cities and small unknown towns.

Often centered around beer and wine that reflect an important aspect of German culture, this celebration is much more than a good reason to have a good drink. Although some of them are, in fact, a complete copy of the Munich Oktoberfest . they even pass under a similar name, our list of German beer festivals will help you better understand the culture of German festivals, and just the German culture.

1. The strong beer festival (of starkbierzeit)

Of starkbierzeit is literally translated from German as “strong beer Time”. In General-that, already from the name it becomes clear what to expect from this beer festival. That’s right – a good strong dark beer that dominates the menus of local establishments in the days of the meeting. Unlike the famous Munich Oktoberfest . which has long turned into an international event, the Festival of strong beer is still the event on a local scale, designed primarily for local residents. While the time still can not please the locals warm (in their minds, of course) weather, good quality dark beer helps to strengthen their spirit and help to endure the last gusts of the departing winter.

When: February 20 – March 28, 2015

Where: Munich

2. Spring beer festival in Stuttgart (Stuttgarter Fruhlingsfest or just Cannstatter Wasen)

This beer festival is the second in popularity and attendance after the Munich Oktoberfest . The festival has a rich history, which began’y 1818. Guests of the Spring beer festival in Stuttgart expect brass bands, attractions (including the world’s largest floating Ferris wheel), and, of course, rivers of delicious German beer . Fans of the festival claim that it is more authentic in comparison with its well-known competitor.

When: April 18 – may 10, 2015

Where: Stuttgart

3. Holiday fruit trees in Werder (Baumblutenfest)

Baumblutenfest, it’s a Feast of fruit trees . it’s just the perfect start to summer. Small German town of Bremen . that half an hour’s drive from the capital is a real agricultural Mecca, which produces dozens of varieties of the best German fruit wine .

Emerging initially as a traditional celebration in honor of the great local wines and fruits, the Feast of fruit trees gradually outgrown the festival with thousands of visitors, which Werder receives annually for its festive square and right in the gardens, where there are the very fruit, which is sweet, tart and absolutely fresh German wines.

When: April 25 – may 3, 2015

Where: Bremen

4. Bergkirchweih (Bergkirchweih), Erlangen

Bayern, though not have an exclusive monopoly on German beer festivals, but here it is annually the largest and most ambitious of them – Bergkirchweih . Bergkirchweih – third-scale beer festival Germany as Europe’s biggest beer garden under the open sky. About one million people (ten times the population of the city) are flooding the Erlangen annually during the festival, filling the local bars and creating a festive atmosphere.

When: may 21 – June 1, 2015

Where: Erlangen

5. Beer week in Kulmbach (Kulmbach Bierwoche)

This beer festival will be held in the German town of Kulmbach in 1939. The festival annually hosts a local brewery, which glorified its beer Kulminator 28 . which is considered one of the strongest in the world.

When: July 25 – August 2, 2015

Where: Kulmbach

6. International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

International Berlin beer festival is different from a traditional German beer festivals because, in addition to local beer, there are huge amounts of varieties from around the world. From the most popular brands to the newly opened local Breweries and really strange varieties (to banana beer?) this festival with stalls and stands nearly a mile apart on the street Karl-Marx-Allee in the German capital, will find something to offer to every guest.

When: 7 to 9 August, 2015

Where: Berlin

7. Wine festival in bad dürkheim (Durkheim”s Wurstmarkt)

Despite its name (translated from the German Wurstmarkt means “sausage market”), this festival has nothing to do with German sausages. Passing along the German wine route of the road . this Wine festival in bad duerkheim is the biggest wine festival in the world, which annually receives more than 600,000 visitors. This festival is held for more than 600 years, wine lovers will find everything from local Riesling and ice wine .