The Most unusual of the world holidays Holiday, holiday!
  We all know such holidays as new year, the eighth of March and all those that are for us, traditionally, were holidays. We're also well-known international April fool's day,…

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Environmental festival (Scenario)
Sounds of bells ringing Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong – hear the forest, hears the Vale or sigh, or moan. What is it about? Who is he? – this old bell. Not with…

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The brightest holidays of the world


Know what I was missing this summer? Not even the heat and the sun. Not enough juicy, bright, crazy colors. Fresh, dense, saturated colors.

Were they not, and will not in the next few months for sure. Sad, sad, even a little cold. Gray, dull and black keyboard in front of his eyes.

But good for you for coming to see me today. Because now there will be enchanting!

So, I got to tell you about the most colorful, most unusual festivals in the world. Already there is clearly paints galore.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The most famous and popular holiday, of course, is the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian carnival — this is the night of love and passion. This is an ode to sex and lust. Here is fueled by the bright fire of human emotions. Perhaps the most emotionally-glowing festival in the world. For Brazil carnival procession to the sounds of Samba and lap dance — it is an integral part of the cultural traditions of the country.

At the height of the Brazilian summer, namely in February, exactly 4 days and 4 nights in Rio de Janeiro comes the sexiest show in the world.

In fact, this carnival just a parade of Samba schools. Fourteen dance schools in Brazil take to the streets of the city and arrange a great show. Each school 82 minutes allotted for the presentation. While the number of participants in schools varies from two to six thousand people. There are certain rules that the participants of the festival must observe. For example, dancers are prohibited to expose the genitals, so we often see a thin thread front and back. This straightforward method participants ignore the laws.

Art festival Burning Man

Bright, spontaneous, crazy festival is held in the last week of August in the desert of Nevada.

For 8 days in the desert was something unimaginable. Incredible sculptural objects, naked people, dancing, music and, as the apotheosis of all this action, the burning of a wooden man.

Venice carnival

Another bright and unique event in the world — is undoubtedly the carnival of Venice. This costume masquerade ball has been held for many hundreds of years. In fact, it is a theatrical show in which each participant is an actor.

Under the cover of masks of passion is born and dies, and the characters are Italian “Commedia Dell’arte” take to the streets and become protagonists of the carnival.

Chinese New Year or the spring festival

This holiday is the Chinese most important holiday, it is celebrated for over two thousand years. Every year between January 12 and February 19, starts great show. On the Spring festival a few days in a row are noisy folk festivals and fairs, where performing the lion dance and dragon dance «land boat”, the rooms are on stilts, different views. The new year celebrations end with the lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Lunar calendar.

The festival of ice and snow in Harbin

Harbin is one of the centers of ice and snow culture in the world, and the festival of ice and snow has been held here since 1963.

Here is built the whole ice city: tall buildings, bridges, gardens. Despite the fact that ice and snow do not have any relationship to blossom, yet I can’t delete this festival from the list of colorful festivals.

Only when the ice city flashes all the colors of the rainbow.

Flower festival in Thailand

Bright, colorful, impressive event, which begins on the first Friday of February and lasts for three days.

These days the city of Chiang Mai turns into the garden of Eden. The largest farm and the flower beds are competing in creating the most extraordinary things from the flowers. From the flowers can be built a whole house, a Palace or an animal. Flowers decorate anything and everything. And at the end of the festival choose the Queen of flowers.

Diwali — a celebration of light and fire in India

One of the warmest and brightest celebrations of India. He is considered one of the main festivals in Hindu culture. The festival of lights symbolizes the victory of good over evil. In honor of this victory, thousands of people on the day of Diwali people light candles and lanterns, and in the evening fireworks are launched.

In 2014, Diwali will be held from 23 to 28 October, so we still have the opportunity to get in this year on this holiday.


The red, the juiciest and most delicious festival in Europe. Every year on the last Wednesday of August in the Spanish town of buñol goes the world-famous Tomatina or battles tomatoes.

Each year, more than 100 tons of tomatoes turns into a tomato soup, which just fills the city.

Before you throw ripe tomatoes at one of the participants, it should be crushed. Now you can imagine what is happening in the city during the tomato fight? This holiday has long been called “The dirtiest Fiesta”.

And the amazing thing is that this crazy entertainment does not have any serious background. They say that about 50 years ago, someone, playing, began to throw tomatoes, the rest of this game. So there was the tomato fight.

Holi-Hindu festival of spring

Annual popular Hindu spring festival, otherwise known as the Festival of colours, is held in late February-early March. This is one of the oldest holidays, which has more than 2000 years.

To celebrate specially made colored powders of medicinal herbs (neem, kumkum, Haldi, also bilva, etc.) that are abundantly sprinkled participants of the festival, transforming ourselves and everything around us in a kaleidoscope of bright colors.