Festivals and holidays in Taiwan
As in mainland China, in Taiwan, there are a huge number of various festive events. Especially popular traditional and public holidays – Chinese New year (first day of the first…

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About the country
  Kingdom Denmark – it is a small country that is located on the shores of the North sea and the Baltic sea in Northern Europe. Denmark called "the pearl"…

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Festival GG Jazz II. The fall in the rhythm of JAZZ


International jazz festival GG ( Garanian Gatov ) Jazz — 2012, held in December last year, has become a landmark event for all fans of quality music of the South of Russia. He attracted the attention and interest of the lovers of high art to the culture of jazz.

The autumn will become saturated and bright time for Krasnodar music lovers, because from 4 to 9 November will be held the second international jazz festival GG Jazz II . The organizers of this event are the Austrian non-profit cultural partnership World J. A. M. and Krasnodar creative Association “Premiere”.

A whole week Krasnodar will live in the rhythm of jazz! The main idea of the festival has not changed: the organizers will continue to present the Krasnodar public with the fullness and richness of styles and directions of modern jazz music, will show the diversity of bands and solo performers and, of course, provide an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the creative drive, which reigns on the stage, when they are playing virtuoso and talented musicians. The concept and format of the festival this year has not changed.

“We tried to expand the scope of the project and to raise the bar of the festival. This year it will last for a week, will cover several music venues in the city and beyond, but, more importantly, will attract even more bright constellation of legendary jazz performers from around the world. For a long time we were negotiating with international jazz headliners and chose two well-known teams. This Marcus Miller (USA), who will perform in Krasnodar, in the framework of the world tour in support of their new Studio album Renaissance. The second-guest team Yellowjackets. I must say that this will be their first performance in Russia, in Krasnodar will be an unprecedented event and a real gift for connoisseurs of quality music. By the way, besides the exclusive concert at the festival GG Jazz II we are actively discussing the possibility of organizing performances Yellowjackets in Austria. Specially for the festival World J. A. M. has prepared a unique program, a joint project by Dutch pianist Mike Del ferro and American trumpeter Randy Breker.

As for the other musicians, I can say that the musical palette this year gathered diverse and the public will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the variety of styles and directions of modern improvised music. What is improvisation? This is pure self-expression, freedom of creative potential of a musician and a kind of dialogue between the performer with the audience. Modern jazz is just that. Most of the Kuban people today associate this musical direction with some old formats, performers of the past — this approach needs to change. Yes, jazz has almost a hundred years, it’s a classic. But classics is alive and constantly evolving. Many teams (including the ones you will see and hear at our festival), being the acknowledged masters of the classical school, in his work, active use of improvisational music. Of all the planned projects are the most interesting, in my opinion, is the recital of Carl Frierson, which will be held on September 23 in musical theatre “Premiere”, is our gift to music lovers who appreciated the presentation by the Charles last year’s festival.

We prepare all fans of jazz music a pleasant surprise — a joint performance of the Krasnodar big band George Garanian with Bob Sheppard and the Winx De John Parrette. Bob Sheppard is one of the most popular world Studio and solo musicians, master of the Academy of music Eastman School of Music. Winx is a truly unique phenomenon in the modern jazz music, he was able to combine the vocal romance “old school” with a fascinating Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

As for European players, we as Austrian company chose quite remarkable jazz musician who represents the interests of the World J. A. M. in Austria, is Manfred Weinberger, team founder Manfred Paul Weinberger Quartet, trumpeter, musician, combining in the performance traditions of classical European music and Indian motifs. In Bremen I met with the staff of Gerhard Ullmann. His clarinet trio — a unique musical combination of three types of clarinet. I invited them to the festival, knowing that not to share with the Krasnodar public such a godsend, I could not.

World J. A. M. is currently in talks about the possibility of hosting the international jazz festival in Austria, where it will be possible to invite and Krasnodar big band George Garanyan, and groups from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova.

Nice to see that jazz is really interested in southerners. Without exaggeration, today it’s a global trend. Even Hollywood is not left behind — the movie “the Great Gatsby” is also a kind of tribute to the Golden age of jazz and, of course, the promotion of jazz culture. Good old jazz. Forever young jazz”.