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Environmental festival (Scenario)
Sounds of bells ringing Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong – hear the forest, hears the Vale or sigh, or moan. What is it about? Who is he? – this old bell. Not with…

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Boldino autumn – final concert

This evening before the audience was and Nizhny Novgorod artists, and their colleagues from other Russian cities, and musicians from South Korea. Arias and scenes from famous operas, Adagio and pas de Deux from audience favorite ballets, romances on poems by Pushkin – the concert’s repertoire was designed for the most discerning viewer.

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– Festival “Boldin autumn” every year is gaining momentum, says the winner of all – Russian and International competitions, twice winner of the prize “Creative success”, laureate of Nizhny Novgorod Tatiana Garmashova. Every time it is an exciting holiday that is of continuing interest to the viewer.

– The atmosphere of the theater festival, attentive, sensitive viewers, all this sets the actor to show himself as fully as possible, with the best hand, said the winner of the International competition the actress of the Moscow academic musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Olga Poltoratskaya.

Guests from South Korea – four beautiful soprano and conductor, Professor But tai Cheol – brought on “Boldin autumn” his musical gift.

– We love the poetry of Pushkin, we decided to make this musical gift Pushkin festival, – said the singer from South Korea, Kim Yoon Hee. Our repertoire includes arias from operas by Pucinni, Dvorak, Verdi. In addition, we have prepared the most famous Korean folk song “Arirang”.

– We the first in Russia, for the first time at the theatre festival “Boldino fall,” we here is very interesting, the musicians communicate with each other even without knowing the language, enough to know the notes, but now I wanted to know more about Russia and at least a little to learn Russian language, it’s very pretty, added the singer Park Min young.

According to the Director of the Nizhny Novgorod Opera and ballet theatre of Anna Ermakova, “Boldino fall” of 2013 turned out to be bright and memorable.

– We managed to do everything that was planned, everything happened in the best way, Yermakova said.

Anna Dmitrievna, what was the most difficult? The organization of the festival, its holding or something, which is not visible to the spectator?

Anna Ermakova: Each year, as part of the Pushkin festival we hold scientific-practical conference. This is quite a bold step on the part of the theatre, because we expose ourselves to the discussion of theatre critics, or even at the mercy of them. Explain why we are so at risk, because of the critics, not ours, Nizhny Novgorod, note, and capital, you can hear a lot of impartial. Theatre alive, while consciously plays a role in the cultural space. Theatre can not only grow, it can degrade. Many years spending the same festival can be a reactionary, but you can go ahead, but to lose all the traditions, so that from the original festival’t have anything left. We are trying primarily to preserve the traditions, not to lower the cultural level of the theatre, but we are open to new things, you just have to find a new good location.

Not lowering cultural standards, whether in today’s environment not only to maintain the viewer, but also to acquire new, younger generation?

Anna Ermakova: the Viewer must nurture, educate. Forced to love the classics, but to instill the love you can. We have for many years cooperated with the Nizhny Novgorod universities, if not to educate the viewer, you just lose. Within this “Boldino autumn” the concert was held at Nizhny Novgorod linguistic University. Our guests are musicians from South Korea, spoke to the students. Thanks to the talented man festival, people’s artist of Russia bass Victor Grigoriev held a unique master class. For decades we collaborate with our theatre school. Ballet classes our theatre is and their classrooms. At 11-13 years children are taking their first steps on stage. When it comes time for final exams, our boys and girls are not afraid of the stage, confidently hold the viewer. Many graduates of the Nizhny Novgorod theatre school is now dancing in the troupe of our theatre.

Does the theatre’s policy? Is there anything from what the theater refuses consciously?

Anna Ermakova: We try to put enough chaste performances. We have virtually all the performances can be viewed as a setting for family viewing. There are shows that I watch with interest even the youngest audience, comes a lot of other parents with adolescent children. Vulgarity and incompetence has no place on the stage of our theater, it is something we consciously refuse. But this does not mean that we are inert, that belong to all new aggressive. It’s definitely not about our theatre. This year, we began production of unique, in my opinion, not only for Nizhny Novgorod, but for the whole of Russia performance “Coco Chanel. Pages of life” to the music of Edward Portalmaster. Viewers will see him in the spring of 2014. A lot more coming here on “Boldino autumn” we discussed the possibility of new projects. The Nizhny Novgorod Opera and ballet theatre and the Mari Opera and ballet cook a large joint project “Carmina Burana”. It is too early to talk about the nuances, but it will be something big.