What holidays do not invented by mankind during the period of its existence. There are professional, religious, national, and there is unusual. Here are some of them will be…

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Boldino autumn - final concert
This evening before the audience was and Nizhny Novgorod artists, and their colleagues from other Russian cities, and musicians from South Korea. Arias and scenes from famous operas, Adagio and…

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Boldino autumn – and other festivals


In the framework of the XXVII festival «Boldino fall” of the Nizhny Novgorod Opera troupe of the theatre and guests of the festival visited in Bolshoe Boldino, where he was perhaps the most productive period in the works of Pushkin.

Festival “Boldino autumn” was opened with the Opera “Queen of spades”

Geography of participants of the festival this year than ever.

“Boldino” can pass the Ministry of culture in 2015, Shantsev said

Previously, funding “Boldin” he wanted to transfer to the municipal level, however, the district authorities have stated that they do not have the money for it.

Best fall beer festivals

Autumn is the time of the largest beer festivals where you can try a variety of Beers, enjoyed some local delicacies and spend time abroad. Some of them need no introduction, and some many foreigners and not heard, because the harvest beer festivals in Europe is held sufficient. Portal.

Museum in boldine will increase to Federal

Pushkin Museum-reserve “Boldin” in 2015 will go to the Federal submission. In 2014 the Museum will be allocated 85 million rubles for the completion of scientific and cultural center. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the decision to accept “Boldin” in the Federal submission.

Roman Shirokov: Boldino fall? It’s still summer

The author of a hat-trick «Zenith” at the first match of the 4th qualifying round of the Champions League with the “PACOS de Ferreira” (4:1) Roman Shirokov expressed the opinion that his performance — a result of the silence in the first six months.

Pushkin Museum-reserve “Bolshoe Boldino” pass the municipal authorities

Pushkin Museum-reserve “Bolshoe Boldino” pass the municipal authorities. This news has excited all the cultural community. The Museum in year out more than 20 million rubles – the regional budget of just such a burden does not overpower.

Summer music festivals

With the advent of summer season, start their work numerous summer festivals.

The Museum “Boldino” offers to proceed to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of culture

MOSCOW, Sep 5 — RIA Novosti. The budget of the Museum-reserve “Boldin”, who recently moved from regional to municipal property, will increase in 2014 from 25 million to 35 million rubles, and after checking the special Commission will be asked to reassign the Museum of the Ministry of culture of Russia, said B.

15 reasons to love autumn

Autumn arrived unexpectedly in September. It’s cold and dark, people dress warmer and more comfortable. But despite the cold, autumn is a beautiful season that gives us stunning views and tastes.

Nikolai Tolstoy: the Transition to “autumn-spring” will seriously affect the training team. But the system “spring-autumn” there is a possibility to plan everything

The President of the RFU Nikolai Tolstykh at a press conference spoke about the possible move to the old calendar system “spring-autumn” to system “autumn-spring”, which is used in Russian football the last few years.

What festivals are waiting for Kiev in June

You can taste delicious meals and listen to musical experiments.

In Krasnodar Musical theatre began to mark the 80th anniversary

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Krasnodar Musical theatre THEN “Premiere” prepared mini-festivals “Fall — Operetta. Winter — Opera. Spring — a Modern choreography. Summer — Musical”.

Ukraine will revive the ethnic festivals

Instead of “prison” chanson in Ukraine will resume tourism – E. Nisoc. Ukraine will revive the ethnic festivals. In an interview, said the Minister of culture of Ukraine Evgeny Nisoc, reports UNN. According to the Minister, Ministry of culture looks at the ideas of forgotten festivals and wants to bring them to life. “Over the past five years have been.

The brightest handbags for fall 2013 (PHOTOS)

Ahead fall – and with it a new fashion season, which will give us a variety of trends and ideas for new images. French fashion house Louis Vuitton is in a hurry to meet the new advertising campaign of handbags fall 2013.

12 Grand festivals of the world, uniting people

The world is full of fun, hard proof which is numerous festivals in all corners of the Earth. Some of them are crazy, others colorful, but they all share the influx of visitors, millions of people.

In Ukraine prison chanson will replace the tourism

Ukraine will revive the ethnic festivals. According to the Minister of culture Evgeny Nisoc Ministry of culture looks at the ideas of forgotten festivals and wants to bring them to life. “We strive to implement alternative festivals, which over the last 5 years had no public support,” said Nisoc.

Benefits for gas supply to Ukraine from April are cancelled – Miller

From 1 April 2014 benefits for the provision of gas to Ukraine are cancelled.

The Museum of A. S. Pushkin “Bolshoe Boldino” will lose the status of state from 1 January

Nizhny Novgorod museums are transferred to municipal ownership.

Ukraine declares national mourning

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced on February 22 and 23 days of mourning. These days in Ukraine will be half-mast flags on the houses and buildings of state institutions. Also, the country canceled concerts, sports competitions and other recreational activities.