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The Women of the world holidays

the Ancient Germans believed that in women there is something sacred, and therefore consulted them as oracles. Often the reverence of men came on, and they worshipped women as a real living goddesses. Imagine the ancient Germans, shaggy and fierce, dressed in animal skins, with war paint on his face. Now, this wild subject had not committed himself one day in a year for tenderly-sweet eulogies “weak half of mankind,” but honestly women were worshiped all year round…

We, modern women, it seems that this holiday was always. Does — our great-grandmother were spared from having to blush with pleasure, listening required the compliments and taking the gift of the branches of stunted Mimosas. Thank you Clara Zetkin and Leonid Ilyich! The decision on annual celebration of International women’s day was taken in 1910 at the second International conference of socialists in Copenhagen, on the proposal of Clara Zetkin. The holiday was first held in 1911 in America and in some European countries and in 1913 — in Russia. In 1966, by order of Leonid Brezhnev, on March 8 became a non-working day in the USSR — and to this day remains as such.

Are we right, proudly calling this day “international”? Judge for yourself. This day is declared a national outlet in the republics of the former USSR, and also in: Angola, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia, China, Congo (where the holiday is not “international”, and Congolese women), Laos, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Uganda. In Syria March 8 celebrate the Day of the Revolution, and in Liberia — and even memorial Day. In fairness it should be added that the United Nations declared March 8 as International women’s day.

How do I congratulate beloved wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, where March 8 — only the eighth day of the first spring month, no different from the days of the seventh or the ninth?

In Japan, March 3 is celebrated unusual holiday — the Day girls. Incidentally, in the land of the rising sun is not the only day dedicated to girls! 15 November each year is another holiday girls, though not all, but only those who are three and seven years. On this day girls dress up like dolls, in bright kimonos, romanet them cheeks, do vintage hairstyles and lead to a Shinto Shrine to pray about sending the children good health and well-being. Associated this holiday with what is in the samurai families of the girls from the age of three was allowed to grow long hair, and with seven years — wearing kimono with belt instead of lace.

Analogous to our March 8 in most countries of the world can be considered mother’s Day, which is celebrated in the most different time. In Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, Finland, USA, Japan, mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of may. In the UK — on the fourth Sunday of lent. In India in early October, held a ten-day celebration of Durga Puja — in honor of desyatiruchka of the mother goddess Durga. In Spain and Portugal, December 8 — the celebration in honor of the Mother of God and all mothers. In France and Sweden mom congrats on the last Sunday of may. Shortly before the day of the Swedish Red Cross began selling cute plastic flowers.

The money goes to provide paid leave for mothers of large families. But the most original mother’s Day is celebrated, perhaps, in Serbia (about the mysterious Slavic soul!). On this day (two weeks before Christmas) the children early in the morning sneaks up on sleeping mom and… tie her up. Waking up, captive depicts an utter surprise to find himself bound hand and foot. She has “pay off” from children gifts, the evening stashed under the pillow.

In France on the first Sunday of March every year is celebrated the Feast of grandparents. On this day, grandmothers, and all women over 55 years is an extraordinary honor and respect. So, for example, their… allowed in Disneyland Paris at discount prices!

And in principle, March 8 — a great occasion to do something “an act of love for yourself”. No matter what will be the result — a new lipstick or a trip to the French capital. The main thing — to remember, to feel that life, whatever it was, after all — happiness. To be a woman — great happiness. And in the life of this blessed woman — your life! — again it is spring.

Interesting facts:

Paradoxically, until 1918 – year of introduction on the territory of the former Russian Empire the new Gregorian calendar “day of struggle for women’s rights” was celebrated on February 23 – a day, which is now associated as the male party.

It is amazing, but it seems that it is thanks to women’s day was held socialist revolution of 1917! An armed uprising that led to the abdication of Nicholas II from the throne, began with protests by women against the war who took to the streets of Petrograd in women’s day (23 February).

A celebration of women was ancient Rome. There was a day in which freely born women received gifts from their husbands, and slaves had something like output – the lady of the house allowed them in the day to relax. Than not the day of solidarity of women?

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