The Most beautiful airports in the world
  Popular foreign service PrivateFly conducted a survey among pilots, travelers and aviation professionals, with the purpose to find out which airport the world's most beautiful? In this case it…

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Children's Day
  International children's day is celebrated every year on 1 June, which was established in November 1949 in Paris by the decision of the Congress of the International democratic Federation…

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7 best festivals in September


​world carnival puppets, feast of pizza, beer weekend, the festival of light – September rich with bright events, attracting tourists from around the world. We have compiled a selection of the most interesting festivals of September.

Carnival of marionettes in Jakarta

In the Indonesian capital Jakarta is hosting the world festival of puppets wayang. View the best puppet theaters in the world will go until 8 September. Puppet shows are held at several venues, including, landmarks, e.g., on the outskirts of the National monument on the square Monas, where performances take place all night long. The Central place on the festival stage allotted Indonesian wooden and leather puppets (wayang-Holek and wayang-kulit). Also features dolls from 45 countries, including Turkey, Bolivia, USA. Spain, Italy, Colombia, Thailand and Brazil. Puppet shows, as a rule, not only tell a story, but often are educational and philosophical subtext.

Feast of pizza in Naples

September 3 in Naples started the annual festival of Napoli Pizza Village, which runs until 8 September. One of the highlights of the festival is the world championship of pizza Trofeo Caputo (September 3-4). It will be attended by about 600 artists pizza from 47 countries. They will demonstrate their talents in several categories, in particular, for the preparation Neapolitan, classic, seasonal pizzas, there will also be competitions for the largest pizza and acrobatic competitions pizzaiolo. This year event organizers expect to break last year’s record, when the celebration was attended by 300 thousand visitors, and make more than 75 thousand pizzas. This year the festival’s novelty will be the Museum of pizza, which will feature more than 200 exhibits – working tools and clothing of the very first pizza maker.

Symphony festival in Lahti

The Finnish city of Lahti from 5 to 8 September will host one of the major autumn music events of Europe — Symphony festival named after Jean Sibelius, which annually attracts music lovers from all over the world. All concerts will be held at Sibelius Hall, known for its excellent acoustics. Local Symphony orchestra under the direction of conductor OKKO Kamu will perform works by the great Finnish composer. Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) – the famous Finnish composer, whose music has won fans not only at home but also far beyond its borders.

Beer weekend in Brussels

From the 6th to the 8th of September will be held in Brussels Beer weekend is a holiday for all lovers of Belgian beer. The main venue will be the Central square of the Grand Place and the Bourse. In three days it will be possible to try more than 400 different varieties of beer from all of the leading Breweries in the country. Entrance to Beer weekend free, but drinks will have to pay: as a “currency” used caps from beer bottles, and one cover is equal to one Euro. Buy these covers are available in advance at the Grand Place, the minimum quantity is 10 pieces. At the end of the festival brewers in colorful period costume will pass through the center of Brussels, the Grand parade.

Balloon festival in Ferrara

In the Italian city of Ferrara from 6 to 15 September is international balloon festival. Attended by about 50 teams from Italy and other countries that rise into the sky on balloons, gliders and aeroplanes, also support a team of professional skydivers. Festival guests can fly on any of the balloons above the historic centre of Ferrara and the po Delta. In the evenings, the sky is bright show featuring lights illuminated balloons.

Thimphu-Tsechu, held in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu on September 14-16, is considered one of the largest and most colorful festivals in the Kingdom. The monks perform ritual dances with amazing and sometimes frightening masks. Each dance has its meaning, the spiritual idea, for example, talks about the eight incarnations of the Buddha. Important participants are clowns and religious mentors – atsari, whose dances and taunts, according to legend, supposed to bring evil spirits into a state of torpor. Modern atsari make small sketches, which raise important social issues.

The festival of light in Moscow

In Moscow from September 28 to October 2 in the second edition of the international festival “Circle of light”. For it will be allocated four sites: Red square, Manezh square, Gorky Park and the Central house of artists. In total, the festival will be shown 850 views. In particular, in Gorky Park Central fountain creates a water curtain, which will be broadcast laser video projection. In the CHA, in Muzeon Park, spectators will offer audio-visual show, which will include a live concert musicians with graphic light accompaniment. The festival opening will take place on red square, and close – in Gorky Park. To get to the ceremony will be available only by sparpreisen. For all other festival events, which will start at 19:00, admission is free. It is expected that the festival will attract more than three million guests.