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Unusual festival of LOI Krathong in Thailand


Surely, you have heard that in the land of smiles during the year notes any unusual holidays. This Thai New year – Songkran Day and pineapple, and Makha Bucha, the rocket festival, flower festival and many others, in an unusual celebration. And if you’re going to relax in Thailand from Belgorod in the month of November, you will have the unique opportunity to attend the festival of LOI Krathong.

The LOI Krathong festival/Loi Krathong is celebrated each year across the country and in some regions bordering Burma and Laos. Speaking generally, it is a celebration of the spirits of water and light. He is being held in the dark under a full moon in November. At this time in Thailand across the country celebrated the flood and the rivers reach its maximum strength. And since in the Northern regions of the hot season and the rainy season are most pronounced, it is best to visit during the celebration of the festival in the Northern capital city of Chiang Mai.

In the literal translation from Thai language the word ” loi ” means “float” and “krathong” -“the boat leaves from banana trees”. According to the traditions, boats-krathongs shall be made from the leaves of a banana tree and decorated with flowers. But modern krathongs, often made from foam, but instead of natural flowers and leaves are used artificial. So, on the eve of the festival you can meet interesting contrast – in the tourist areas of Thailand are sold everywhere artificial krathongs, and on the North by the popular real. And in some cities artificial pumps generally prohibited because pollute the environment. In many localities are arranged competitions for the most beautiful Krathong. Complement of boats, incense sticks and little candles. Sometimes inside, put a coin as a donation to the spirits.

During the full moon, millions of people in Thailand pull the krathongs on the water and make a wish. And many colored boats begins his journey on the rivers, canals and lakes. The burning candle is a symbol of the light of Buddha’s teachings, and the ritual of launching krathongs symbolizes the cleansing from bad events in life, deliverance from evil thoughts, the remission of sins and the opportunity to start a new, better life. By the way, those who believe in ritual meaning of that action and put into their boats cut the pieces of nails and hair, as that part of ourselves with which I would like to say goodbye forever.

If you believe in such things, and you have the desire to change yourself or change something in your life, then this is a great reason to choose a tour to Thailand from Belgorod and come on the eve of the festival of LOI Krathong. On the night of the celebration with the boat you will be able to let go of all your worries and fears or even some part of himself.

The roots of the history of the holiday goes back many years. Initially in this way, people expressed their gratitude to the Goddess of water. On the day of LOI Kratong all people are in a cheerful mood, good mood and happiness, because very soon all the bad leaves them along with the krathongs. For all Thai people, this day is a wonderful occasion to gather the whole family or alone with your loved one, to let go of all anxiety, to make the most cherished wishes and hopefully look to the future.

By the time the festival of LOI Krathong coincides with another holiday — is the Northern Lanna festival known as Yi Peng . During the meeting residents start the sky a lot sky lanterns, called Khom LOI (floating lantern). Launching lanterns into the sky is considered to be “Tam boon”- a good deed that must be done to earn something good. Khom Loy are made from rice paper and are supplied with a burning element. During startup, this element is ignited and fills the lantern with hot air, lifting the torch high into the sky.

Also to celebrate the residents decorate the streets, houses, temples, parks and gardens Khom FAI – multi-colored paper lanterns, and lit along the streets of the candle.

Launching Khom LOI before LOI Krathong is very common and popular in Thailand. And today the festival of LOI Krathong is associated, in addition to the launch of krathongs, even with the lanterns.

As already mentioned, the most spectacular celebrations can be seen in Chiang Mai, which was formerly the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. LOI Krathong and Yi Peng are celebrated at the same time. Due to this, countless small lights can be seen on the water, on trees, on walls of buildings and high in the sky. That is why the festival is called the festival of water and light.

All cities are fun noise, explosions of fireworks, firecrackers and firecrackers. Are all sorts of performances, parades, competitions, processions, fairs and other celebrations. In the air is the smell of smoke. Throughout the evening on the streets hear the cheers, chants and laughter.

To attend the festival of LOI Krathong, be sure to at least once in your life, because it’s such a beautiful and unusual celebration. And in order to do this, you have the finest opportunity tours to Thailand from Belgorod . among them you will certainly be able to find a suitable home.

Bright holiday for you and all desires!