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Original ideas for wedding

Original ideas for a wedding — is the key to success and uniqueness of the holiday.How to make your wedding remember?

Wedding is an important and touching moment in the life of a young family. You are happy, everything around you shines and seems unforgettable. Every little thing around you is supposed to bring you joy and satisfaction.

Therefore very to consider in detail all that can ruin your mood on your wedding and immediately remove or fix. Nothing in the world should not spoil your holiday unless a massive asteroid will be closer to the ground, and then you have the power to warn Bruce Willis.

Original ideas for wedding.

Every young couple wants their holiday was special. Not boring, memorable, original and creative, bright and showy. And young couples begin to invent any of the highlights that you can use as an idea for the celebration.

Indeed, the more original will be your wedding, the more it will differ from thousands of others – the more chances that you and guests will remember it once and for a long time. This may be the scenario of the wedding, and some individual moments.

Keep the guests and myself a good impression, just inviting a professional photographer – the plan is not the best, frankly. Yes and presenters, musicians, etc. can work quite well, even to have some “tricks up my sleeve” to surprise the guests, but this will not always be enough. Words of praise for Toastmasters and music will sound. But bump for a long time in the memory such chips can not.

Need zest. Let’s think, what could it be? Mulatto with webs, turtles on bicycles, dwarfs – jugglers?

No, no and no again.

Immediately adopted as the motto of our wedding:

“There are no standards and generally accepted stereotypes. The way all new and unusual”.

I’ll tell you a secret that still greater surprise guests will cause that can make you young. And we start with the “highlights” that require absolutely no special skills.

First dance.

If you carefully approach the preparation of the first dance, hire a good choreographer, will make an unusual performance is memorable.

Prepare for your first dance in advance. A couple of months before the wedding start to cook your dance, rehearse it thoroughly. When the master of ceremonies or emcee will announce the first dance will be from 40 minutes to an hour from the beginning of your meal.

All guests will be sober and expect languid 3 minutes of running in place under a whiny song. And here we’ve turned everything on its head.

Make standard, started crying dance. And then let the dance will twist, and rock-n-roll, and a pair of elements from f. C. “Dirty dancing” or “pulp fiction.” This will be a real show, in which, by the way, it is possible to call soap bubbles, confetti, rose petals, etc.

The show is just gorgeous, the guests eyes on a wet place, all overflowing with feelings and want to smother you. Here and surprised.Did you know about the 7 tips for the first dance ?

Entertainment for guests.

Create original entertainment for guests. Original competitions from the master is, of course, but some kind of lottery or from you – it will be original.

Can do a raffle or a quiz for your guests and relatives. Moreover you can choose and spend. Prizes in this sort of thing can be BRIC-a-brac, bottle of champagne or box of chocolates, etc.

Answering quiz questions, or participating in the lottery, guests actively participate in the celebration, and no one is forcing them to change or pulls on stage.

Rewarding guests

At the end of the wedding can make the award ceremony guests. The idea itself is not entirely original and new, but if it is to use it as it is. If you modify it, to make awards in the style of “Oscar” with a red carpet and all the surrounding attributes.

Declare at the beginning of the wedding that throughout the evening there will be a competition for the best guest, the very generous guest, the happiest, most active, etc.

Make certificates and the small figurines.

The people receiving the most number of awards during competitions and scored the greatest number of votes will be the winners. Will remain a great memory and experience. Swipe the official part of the ceremony brightly and ask them to help your toastmaster. It will cope with this task with enthusiasm, I hope.

This helps to create the mood of the competition from the start of the wedding. The desire to win, heated drunk alcohol can turn the most passive guests into activists.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and use new ideas. Everything will be new – will cause more positive emotions and experiences than hackneyed moves and counters. Interested in new trends in the field of conducting and filling of the wedding.

In such a case would be more likely that your wedding will be truly new.

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