All concerts were sold out, probably because the participants of the festival were great musicians. The tone of the festival asked the first concert held in the great day…

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Boldino autumn - final concert
This evening before the audience was and Nizhny Novgorod artists, and their colleagues from other Russian cities, and musicians from South Korea. Arias and scenes from famous operas, Adagio and…

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About the country


Kingdom Denmark – it is a small country that is located on the shores of the North sea and the Baltic sea in Northern Europe. Denmark called “the pearl” of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is known for its Royal castles, colorful cozy houses, narrow medieval streets, canals and bridges, and monuments of fairy tales. Denmark – the birthplace of the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen . a heroine of one of his tales the little Mermaid is the symbol of Copenhagen. In addition, it is a country of fearless Viking . once lived on its territory.

Many centuries ago, Denmark was one of the most powerful States in Northern Europe. The Danes were members of the Vikings from the late 8th to 11th century. On their account – many victories and conquests. Today anyone has a unique opportunity to attend the annual Viking festival in Aarhus. and also to see a 1000 year old Viking longships in Roskilde. Restored settlement of these ancient Scandinavian people you will find in the city of Ribe in Ribe Viking Centre. About mighty history of Denmark is reflected in the monuments in the town of Jelling and the ancient Viking fortress – Trelleborg. Aggersborg. Furkat.

To date, Denmark – a modern developed country. It includes Faroe Islands . as well as the island of Greenland . both these territories are self-governing, which makes them practically independent. Denmark attracts with its mild climate . which was formed through the influence of the warm Gulf stream. The Northern and Eastern part of the country are plains and hills, which were formed swamps and lakes. The coast is indented by numerous bays, and the West and East coast dunes. The magnificent sandy beaches of the Danish Riviera, Baltic and North sea, pristine lakes, colorful rural landscapes – all of this Denmark.

A distinctive feature of Denmark – is its scenic views of the open sea . In whatever city you go, almost any of them is 50 kilometres from water. And a major seaside town considered the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen . For nearly 800 years, the city is one of the largest ports on the Baltic sea. Along the city waterfront Nyhavn stand vintage Danish ships, and buildings located here are surprised by its vivid colors. The impression that they are toy. Often the Danish capital compared to Venice. she stands on a network of canals, which were built in the 17th-19th centuries. The symbol of Copenhagen is a bronze statue of the little Mermaid. who is the heroine of the fairy tale of a great writer Christian Andersen.

Denmark – the birthplace of the famous storyteller Andersen . she keeps the memory of him and protects every corner, where he lived and worked writer. So, in Odense. where Andersen was born, everywhere you can see his amazing sculptures of fantastic heroes. Here there is a unique Museum of the writer, and also stores all the translations of his writings.

In Denmark is amazing Tivoli gardens – the largest amusement Park in Europe, which inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland . And only in this Kingdom, you can visit the mysterious Legoland – the largest fleet in the world, built 46 million bricks. Built this wonder of architecture in honor of the famous Danish maker of children’s designer LEGO.

Denmark is famous for its palaces and castles . which contain the ancient history of the country. Gothic castle Sottrup. Renaissance Kronborg – the castle of hamlet or Baroque Charlottenborg – all of this historically powerful Denmark. Kronborg castle became famous thanks to William Shakespeare and his great drama. It is believed that the actions described in the tragedies that occur in this castle. Every year, on Midsummer’s day, here from all over the world come theatre troupe and show their version of “hamlet”. The oldest is considered Hammershus castle. from where you can admire the scenery of the Baltic sea. And in the castle the Gammel Estrup annually arranged famous “the Feast of apples” . In the garden of the castle presents about 230 varieties of Danish apples. Most of them can be considered historical, as derived hundreds of years ago.

Special flavor is different and the national cuisine of a country that absorbed the culinary traditions of the peoples of Northern Europe. The food here is very simple, but hearty and delicious. In Denmark a popular fish dishes . especially here love herring. From herring cook about two hundred sandwiches. Denmark is also famous for its beer. Brewing traditions were kept here for centuries, Danish beer is respected around the world, and repeat it a unique taste can not be anyone. And, of course, impossible to represent Denmark without baking . Sweet aroma of pastries, cakes or pies in the air all towns of the country.

Denmark – country bikes . Here is a very popular form of transport like a Bicycle. Throughout a dense grid laid thousands of miles of these routes. On a bike you can ride around the perimeter of Bornholm. along the West coast of Jutland from the German border to the town of Skagen. The most popular route passes in the vicinity of the capital, much of it is laid along the øresund Strait.

Despite the fact that Denmark is a small country, there are a large number of interesting places. Therefore, the impression that the country – one big tale known storyteller Andersen. Cozy quiet city quiet measured life, colorful festivals – all this makes the country attractive for tourists from all over the world.