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Calendar of holidays and events for the week of 14 to 20 September



Calendar of holidays and events for the week of 14 to 20 September will reveal information about important and significant holidays of the Church calendar, the people’s will, the ancient Slavic calendar, astrological and astronomical important dates, as well as interesting and unusual holidays and observances around the world.

September 14

Consecrated the Church: the ecclesiastical new year and concordant circle. Annually, September 14 is celebrated ecclesiastical New Year. This is a major event that called Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah, the Slavic New year

Earlier in Russia autumn the New year was a great holiday with many traditions and ceremonies. Because of changes in weather and the end of field work all things now moved into the hut. On new year’s eve night was quenched with old fire in the house, and early in the morning lit a new fire, necessarily produced by hand, using a flint, and with particular conspiracies. In the new year bypassed fields and premises with the animals song conspiracies to next year crop and litter were big. Also in these days of the new year was favorably to celebrate the new house and move into a new house. For the new year tried to finish all trade and economic Affairs, to pay taxes.

September 16

Domna Dobrorodny. In Russia was the custom on this day to clean up the area around the house, particularly the old stuff. This day spent guarding the rite with old sandals: they were hung on stakes of a fence around the vegetable garden or at the gate poles. It was believed that it protects from the evil eye. By the evening all the old stuff except the sandals were thrown away or burned together with a potato topper. Our ancestors believed that it will bring the family prosperity for the year ahead.

September 17

The birthday of the God of wisdom and abundance Ganesha

Ganesh – God of wisdom and abundance. He has the torso of a man and the head of an elephant. Ganesh is considered the remover of obstacles, son of Shiva and his wife Parvati. In the day to do the worship of Ganesha, bring him fruit, milk, flowers and sweets, asking for help.

September 18

Mercury becomes retrograde. The period of retrogradely mercury takes about 20 days. This situation brings confusion, delays, and confusion to all, mercury is responsible for what – and they are: contacts, travel, travel, negotiations, paper, information. At this time it is difficult to focus. You may receive an overwhelming desire for change, but this is likely to be an illusion. Therefore, it is better not to start anything new in the period of mercury retrograde.

September 19

Remembrance of the miracle of Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael — one of the highest angels. In Orthodoxy, the Archangel Michael is called the Archangel and is revered as the head of the Holy host of angels standing guard of the law of God. Thus, he is considered the patron of all believers who oppose the forces of evil. Also Michael is considered the protector of souls, he moved to heaven the soul of the virgin. And guards the gates of heaven. The Archangel Michael was taken to pray about healing from any disease, including from evil spirits.

In Russia this day was arranged worldly braccini — meetings and General business communities. The talk moved into the gatherings for which each brought their treats. At the table usually happened reconciliation and fraternization. Just a year there were two big braccini — Mikhailovskaya on September 19, and St. Nicholas on December 19. Work was forbidden.

September 20

Bows day. On this day, removed the onions and started them to trade. Girls braided bow braids and hung them from the ceiling — for further storage. In this day of Luke prepared a variety of dishes. On the bow forecasted the weather for the coming winter. A lot of husk on bulbs predicted extreme cold.

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