Calendar of holidays and events for the week of 14 to 20 September
    Calendar of holidays and events for the week of 14 to 20 September will reveal information about important and significant holidays of the Church calendar, the people's will,…

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  What holidays do not invented by mankind during the period of its existence. There are professional, religious, national, and there is unusual. Here are some of them will be…

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Program of the new year’s festivities in downtown St. Petersburg

This year for St. Petersburgers and guests of the city has prepared the most interesting holiday program – concerts, festivals, riding a roller coaster and the music festival of light projections.

The main new year celebration will start in the city with the arrival of Santa Claus and snow Maiden. Magical train with the main New year will arrive on Wednesday, December 30, at 11:00 on the Ladoga station .

On a fabulous sleigh Santa Claus together with his entourage will travel to St. Petersburg. Santa Claus will visit the red guard, Nevsky and Frunzensky and the Moscow region St. Petersburg, happy New Year young patients of Children’s hospital No. 1 at Vanguard street, and then travel to the area of the Rebellion. From there at 16:00 will begin the parade through the decorated Nevsky Prospekt to Palace square, where from 17:00 will unfold bright theatrical performance . Festive cavalcade will welcome officials of St. Petersburg and the Vologda region, which together with Santa Claus will light the Main Christmas Tree of the city.

On the same day, December 30 . on Palace square will open the music festival of light projections . The first view Petersburgers and city visitors will see at 17:00 . And further, to 7 January videopicture can be viewed daily in 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 . Admission is free.

“the Festival of light music video – a bright and memorable event of the St. Petersburg winter, has become a brand of St. Petersburg, attracting the Palace square in the Christmas holidays hundreds of thousands of citizens and guests of our city», – said the press service of the St. Petersburg International center of festivals and holidays.

This year huge screen for light projections will be the whole Palace square. As a result of the created stereo image, each of the guests of the festival will be able to feel fantastic pictures inside a huge, shining shimmering unique lighting illumination, synchronized with the original video artistic images and musical score.

The festival presents three new plays:

1. “the Revived building” is a magical mystery on the theme of St. Petersburg architecture.

2. “the Shadow of St. Petersburg” – the myths and legends of the city, the romance and mysticism of St. Petersburg streets and squares.

3. «Petersburg – a young city” – modern performance bright fun images in the technology of flash animation.

Tomorrow, 30 December at 18:00 in the Alexander garden will open big and a small toboggan slide .

Christmas tradition of tsarist Russia – the sliding hill is reborn in St. Petersburg for the first time. A huge slide in the centre was a traditional folk entertainment, a favorite pastime for the Royal entourage, citizens and guests of the city in the winter, as a place of universal unification, regardless of their social status, wealth, nationality, religion.

A unique opportunity to roll down a hill and into a historic ambience in the centre of St. Petersburg in the Alexander garden will get everyone from December 30 to January 7 daily from 12:00 to 21:00. For the youngest guests of the festival will be organized a Small sliding hill. Around slides are Christmas fair, pleasing to the festive atmosphere and music.

New year’s eve, 31 December, 1 January . on Palace square will be organized holiday festivities. It will start at 22:00 and will end at 4:00 .

Residents and guests of the city will celebrate the New year in the company of Santa Claus and snow Maiden among the magic forest of living trees. The Palace square will be transformed into a complex of four stages, which will represent all genres of music with the participation of a large number of popular bands, artists and stars of the Russian platform.

The celebration will begin simultaneously in all the scenes torchlight procession on stilts and simultaneous improvisations on electroscape. Each scene will be a fabulous show, an exciting, interactive program, fun games and contests that create the atmosphere of a real family holiday.

At midnight from the spit of Vasilievsky island will start a big new year’s fireworks.

The festivities will continue until 4:00 on 1 January. Every hour – the Festival of light music video.

And on January 7 at the Palace square will be celebrating Christmas . The celebration will begin at 17:00 . On this day, on the Palace square will unfold theatrical performance for children and adults. The concept of the celebration is created in accordance with the Orthodox Christmas traditions. Wonderful story with carols, dance tunes from around the world, bell ringing and many surprises for the guests to create a magical space around.

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