The Most beautiful airports in the world
  Popular foreign service PrivateFly conducted a survey among pilots, travelers and aviation professionals, with the purpose to find out which airport the world's most beautiful? In this case it…

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The Nibelungen Festival in worms
Festival of the Nibelungs (Die Nibelungen-Festspiele – "Di Nibelungen Festspiele") opened in in worms (Worms) is one of the most important centers of intellectual, cultural and political events in Europe.…

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The Best carnivals of the world

“Kanaval”, “Mardi Gras”, “Carnevale”, “Fat-Tuesday”, “Carnival” — different countries, different names… And yet, wherever there’s been this wonderful holiday, it always means one thing — a giant street party. This year’s carnival celebrations reach a climax on March 4, and the streets of many cities in the world filled with colors, music and fun.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro — perhaps the most famous festival in the world. His marches and enthusiastic citizens — carnival event of international significance that marks the eve of lent, — 40-day period of abstinence for Catholics. In short, carnival — it is a chance to eat, to feast and to natalitsa before the days of self-denial, which occur on ash Wednesday (day of repentance).

European recognised by the Catholic Church as a pagan holiday which has conquered the whole world. It became popular in the most unexpected corners of the planet, for example, in Goa — predominantly Hindu resort India, where the carnival was introduced by the Portuguese.

Without a doubt, the North American carnival capital — New Orleans. Here day breaks before lent sounds in French — “Mardi Gras” (same as “Fat – Tuesday” or Fat Tuesday).

In a historical sense, the carnival — a chance for the disadvantaged: resorting to humour, satire and mockery, they can challenge the ruling elite, without fear of reprisals. This tradition is still alive in the carnival of Cadiz, the ancient port town of Spain.

Well, refined interpretation of the days of easing in the Baroque style dates back to Venetian Carnevale — a holiday in an authentic Italian style.

The best carnivals of the world

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

More than 850 thousand visitors annually visit the carnival in Rio — one of the grandest festivals of the world. Historical birthplace of the carnival with its Grand masked balls and contests — Portugal, but later a strong Afro-Caribbean influence has brought in four carnival days distinctly sexual tone — the flavor of Samba. You will definitely feel it if you will see outstanding final parade dances and competitions of various Samba schools, the final stage which takes place on a specially built Sambadome, up more than 70 thousand spectators.

Carnival in Goa

A holiday on the tropical Indian coastal resort of Goa — the multicultural event. Original carnival traditions, brought by the Portuguese, Goa has given its own unique flavor that creates an incredible feeling. On the crowded parades and street parties can be found carts in grotesque and modern Western style, to hear the local Indian music of the guitar; it has its own king — Momo, who heads the procession, the participants of which indiscriminately rounded spectators colored water! This time, spectacles, feasting and indulging whims.

Carnival in New Orleans

Borrowing its name from the French of new Orleans “Mardi Gras” reaches its climax in the days prior to the last Tuesday before lent. The inhabitants of New Orleans and the city itself is dressed in purple, green and gold — the color of justice, faith and power, as a local company, called Krewes, organize parties and processions in various parts of the city. The main event takes place on Bourbon street in the French quarter: the King and Queen lead the extravagant parade of bands and floats, throwing in Horny crowd of colored beads and coins.

Carnival in Venice

Venetian Carnevale — a true embodiment of luxury, is one of the best carnivals of the world. Participants dressed up in extravagant costumes of the Renaissance and Baroque, mysterious cloaks, hats with feathers and beautiful masks. It is believed that the custom of wearing masks in the distant past — then the mask gave the citizens a rare opportunity of anonymity, and all classes of Venetian society are able to mix at a joint celebration.

Today celebrations in Venice became the exclusive world class — for example, the cycle of prestigious private gala balls, including the legendary “dance of the Doge” at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand canal and Grand Ball La Cavalchina.

Carnival in Cadiz

Some cities celebrate carnival in just several days before the Penitential Tuesday. But Cadiz, the ancient port on the southwestern coast of Spain, is having a much more significant Carnavales — at least two weeks of events and parties. The streets of the city stem crowds of people — residents and guests adorned in an elaborate wigs, colorful carnival costumes and funny masks.

It may not be the best carnival in the world, but quite original and distinctive. The Central event of the carnival in Cadiz — a recreation of a long tradition of satire and parody. Local choirs and musical groups (they are called chirigotas — chirigotas) perform witty and sarcastic songs about current political topics. It is not just fun and letting off steam in connection with a certain political discontent — it is also a city-wide contest, where both compete and sing professional and Amateur groups.

And what are the carnivals was able to visit you? What do you remember most?